Myisha Cherry

Myisha Cherry will speak at Cal State Bakersfield's Kegley Institute of of Ethics on Friday as part of its 2019 Philosophy and Religious Studies Colloquia Series. The talk will take place at noon in the Humanities Office Complex, room 1109.

“Dr. Cherry is a leading figure in publicly engaged philosophy, an outstanding speaker, podcast host and writer, all with the aim of eliciting important conversations on race, emotions and ethical life,” said Michael Burroughs, director of the Kegley Institute of Ethics.

Cherry is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at UC Riverside and a public intellectual. She founded and hosts “The UnMute Podcast,” which includes cutting-edge interviews with leading philosophers on pressing contemporary issues. Her appearance at Cal State Bakersfield is part of her book tour for “Unmuted: Conversations on Prejudice, Oppression, and Social Justice.”

Cherry has also written publicly about political emotions, race and justice for the Los Angeles Times, Salon, New Philosopher and the Huffington Post.

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I note the previous and upcoming CSUB Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies presentation titles:
"What Should We Talk About When We Talk About Gene Editing"
"In Defense of Sanctuary Policies"
"Is Adoption and Option? Keeping, Caring and Claiming Orphans in Islam"
"Anxieties Over Authenticity: American Yoga and the Problem of Whiteness" (love that one)
"Hume's Arguments in 'Of the Pride and Humility of Animals'"
"Secularism and Religious Diversity"
"Asian Religious Environmentalism"
"Beyond Mindfulness: Buddhism & Health in Historical Perspective"

And now Professor Cherry's “Unmuted: Conversations on Prejudice, Oppression, and Social Justice.” (ah, social justice; tis all the rage)

Interesting topics all, I'm sure. I do wonder, however, if any colloquia topics ever include a more conservative or traditional philosophy perspective? Is there any diversity in CSUB's Philosophy department? Hopefully so.


I see a very diverse list of topics. Not sure exactly what a conservative perspective would be for philosophy. I assume not discussing Islamic orphans, Asia, or animals? Glad the students have an opportunity to learn about many topics especially from voices not heard often in Kern County.

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