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Road construction tie-ups have traffic traveling west on 24th Street backed-up past Oak Street on a recent Friday morning.

Time to check your commute. Caltrans has announced the closure of two major northbound ramps in downtown Bakersfield.

The on-ramp to northbound Highway 99 from Buck Owens Boulevard will be closed for 55 days starting at 10 p.m. Monday, the agency said. 

Additionally, the exit from northbound Highway 99 to Rosedale Highway/24th Street will close starting Sept. 3 for 55 days.

The closures are part of the ongoing Highway 99 rehab project. For this part of the project, crews will construct an extra lane at the Rosedale Highway/24th Street exit off-ramp.

Posted detours will utilize the Buck Owens Boulevard and California Avenue exits.

Commuters are encouraged to follow Caltrans District 6 on social media for the most up-to-date information regarding closures for this project.

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Seems like the only on/off ramps from any direction on 99 are in Delano and Mettler.


I’m happy I don’t have to make that commute anymore. South bound 99 to 58 east and off at Mt. Vernon, the back again. The last 5years non stop construction on 58 and they’re not done yet. Contractor on job must have bribed someone because they are mighty slow getting anything done.

barbara meuleman-girga

Being older, it is difficult enough getting around town with the cars that run red lights, etc. But could they wait on some of this construction, rather than closing so many at one time. For the stockdale reevamping, they didn't put up signs for a long time, allowing people to figure out for themselves how to get somewhere with Stockdale shut down. OK for locals, but what about people coming into town? Which bar did the planners have lunch at, and next time, limit the liquids..


Agreed this is insane. I don't recall seeing these extended closures in any of the glossy TRIP planning diagrams. CalTrans and TRIP should have been at a planning table months ago sorting this out. Are either of them making contingency plans for the other detour route of Golden St. Highway to points downtown / Hwy 178. You'll forgive me for presuming the answer is "no."

A revamped Golden St. Highway should have been the downtown to 99 bypass solution in the first place. Build overpasses at F St. and M St., plus interchanges at 178 and 99 South / Airport Rd. and traffic does not stop between 99 and 178 in either direction. Make 24th St. smaller and slower, safer for pedestrians and children, with added parking for downtown businesses.


Too much at one time! Makes you think the City fears we will repeal Measure N. The 94 vote questionable victory should go back to another vote...

Conscience of Bakersfield

LOL, TRIPS started a decade ago and is fully funded. Measure N just passed last year. There is absolutely no connection! You lose credibility when you make these kind of statements.


This is crazy they need to be working 24 hours a day.

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