KNZR talk radio personalities Jaz McKay and Inga Barks have confirmed they are no longer employed by the station, according to a report on KGET-Channel 17 News.

McKay's separation comes just days after controversy exploded over a Facebook Live video in which he used the racial epithet "spic."

According to the report, McKay and Barks told KGET they are no longer working for Alpha Media and KNZR after being fired Tuesday.

McKay said his show will be replaced by "The Sean Hannity Show."

Barks did not respond to a private Facebook message, and the reason for her departure remains a mystery.

The station’s general manager, the president of Alpha Media and McKay did not respond to inquiries. However, McKay appears to acknowledge the separation in a Facebook post.

“It sure was a fun 11 years,” McKay wrote on his Facebook page late Tuesday. “Thanks to all of you who supported me.”

McKay has been at the station going on 11 years, and has a history of getting himself into hot water.

It all started at about 9:50 p.m. last Thursday. McKay was shooting a Facebook Live video from inside his parked car, pointing out in dismay the large number of Spanish radio stations crowding the radio dial. He occasionally described them as "Messican."

He was scanning the radio dial, pointing out one station after another. Then he paused.

"Am I, am I getting to you?" he said. Then he dropped the S-bomb.

"More spic ... um, excuse me, more Mexican music, " he said.

Soon afterward, U.S. Army combat veteran Chad Garcia responded with his own Facebook post. Garcia, himself a former KNZR talk radio host who also did a stint producing McKay' s show, was clearly upsetby McKay' s language.

"DEAR BAKERSFIELD, " Garcia posted.

"I give you the REAL Jaz McKay from KNZR referring to Mexican radio as 'spic' radio. This is a clip recorded from his Facebook Live video, which, no doubt will be deleted soon.

"He is the self proclaimed 'King' of local talk radio, " Garcia said of McKay. "Bakersfield can do better than this."

On Tuesday, McKay referred to Garcia by his radio moniker "Chadman.”

“Been nice knowing you,” McKay wrote on Facebook. “Goodbye and have a pleasant tomorrow. Chadman must be very happy.”

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Which came first, the comment or the firings?


American926, I agree that we should all live our lives according to a high moral standard (if that is indeed what you meant). However, Jazz proved to be a bigot and a racist during his rant video. In it, he exposed himself as a racist! I had nothing to do with him calling Mexicans "SP*K$." But what do you expect from a man who admits to listening to Mercer funded hate-wing propaganda outlets? Don't assume Kern county accepts this type of behavior. We don't! People know that Jazz is a racist! Yes, all it takes is one rant in public to prove it. Imagine yourself going onto facebook and targeting African Americans on one post by calling them the N word. According to your twisted logic, you would not be a racist because statistically it only represents a small fraction of your posts. You are a horrible person to believe that. Stop giving Kern County a bad name. The majority of people are not like you and don't believe in racism. Btw, "you people" is in reference to ignorant people. [smile]


I grew up here in Bakersfield and Lamont, and I am of Mexican decent. It doesn’t bother me the slightest bit when an idiot makes an idiotic comment. It’s his opinion and his opinion only. He has that right. What does concern me is there are no comments or concerns about all of these homicides and other real issues, other than what someone SAYS. Society used to be tougher. Dispite what someone says about my race or any other race doesn’t effect me, and I will sleep at the end of the night.


Great, two minor league idiots traded for a major league one.


Finally something is done! Hopefully this will be a common practice in Kern County.




First off I am 1/2 Mexican and love my American culture, and in my experience living in America all my life, we all have done worse then this, I’ve called everyone every name in the book,thou most were friends since high school we occasionally did just that, but if he personally called me spk to my face and not knowing him is one thing, USING the word spk is only a sound you make with your face, and means nothing.
If it were up to me, he would not be fired, we all make mistakes, that’s how we learn, imagine everyone being fired for a mistake!
We are Americans we are better then this, we need to learn what is called tolerance, we tolerate scorching summers, cold and foggy winters, but there’s always only spring if we learn to tolerate.


American926. What in the heavens did you just write? You clearly have cognitive issues. Let me bring clarity to your statement. First of all, what a person says in the “smoke filled back rooms” is one thing and what a public figure states publicly online while targeting Mexicans is another! Publicly calling their music “SH#+” and calling the ethnicity SPK is what racists (white nationalists) do. He finished his racist rant with a cry for whites to take over the radio. He is clearly uneducated as to why few FM/AM rock/country stations exist. This is basic economics! Poorer, less technologically inclined people listen to FM/AM radio. The reason fewer rock/country stations exist is because those markets are on the Internet or Digital Radio. That means whites have progressed intellectually and economically compared to Latinos. But you have NO understanding of this. You still believe in kicking an ethnicity down simply because that follows with party ideology. He was rightfully was fired. Being a mixed race has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with being less or more racist as this deals with Jazz hatefully targeting an ethnicity! No defense is available for such atrocious behavior. It’s pure evil! Lastly, you are asking for Americans to be tolerant of racists who work for radio stations while promoting a right wing agenda! You are a racist sympathizer which makes you racist by default. Enjoy your life and buy a couple of books that will help you understand that the KKK is an organized social movement and not some antiquated relic behavior. And weather has nothing to do with racism!


Sorry, I dont tolerate racists. Telling a racial joke is a far cry from an over the air racial slam. This isn't McKay's first rodeo. There are enough racists in this town, they don't need a spokesman.


Jazz is a Racist! Period. That is what Kern County will remember him as. RACIST!


Wow, tolerance already, you are one thin-skinned wacko, Society hears all kinds of racist comments in music, movies, TV shows, etc,. And the last few years reverse racist comments of Whites has starkly increased, im not suggesting Jaz was not guilty of this, but this is definitely not black and white,.
By your logic my response would 100 % place me as a racist.
Your the problem in this world.


You statement is a false equivalence! I have to educate you people consistently. It definitely is 100% clear that Jazz is a RACIST. If you defend his targeted racist rant then you are a racist sympathizer. It’s that easy. If you can’t logically understand the argument then you have problem with understanding. The problem is racism which you are defending because it’s portrayed in the fantasy world of entertainment. Get real Hoss.


You people?? Sounds kinda umm u know.
So he’s “100% racist” , 1 comment in 11 years!
Hmmmmmm I wonder if he’s EVER said “you people” if he did, we surely would have picked up on his racist beliefs that very day
Bottom line people, live YOUR LIFE
as you’ll only reap YOUR rewards
And will never suffer another’s downfall
But keep pitchforks and torches and mob mentality in the past,
-1 second in + 11 years not a bad resume, who can beat it?


Well Hoss, the radio station thought the term to be racist. In fact, I'd venture to say most reasonable people would come to that conclusion. This isn't a racist joke told to your buddies, this was a general rant about how he feels threatened by the changing demographics and his true feelings came out. Period.

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