KNZR talk radio personalities Jaz McKay and Inga Barks have confirmed they are no longer employed by the station, according to a report on KGET-Channel 17 News.

McKay's separation comes just days after controversy exploded over a Facebook Live video in which he used the racial epithet "spic."

According to the report, McKay and Barks told KGET they are no longer working for Alpha Media and KNZR after being fired Tuesday.

McKay said his show will be replaced by "The Sean Hannity Show."

Barks did not respond to a private Facebook message, and the reason for her departure remains a mystery.

The station’s general manager, the president of Alpha Media and McKay did not respond to inquiries. However, McKay appears to acknowledge the separation in a Facebook post.

“It sure was a fun 11 years,” McKay wrote on his Facebook page late Tuesday. “Thanks to all of you who supported me.”

McKay has been at the station going on 11 years, and has a history of getting himself into hot water.

It all started at about 9:50 p.m. last Thursday. McKay was shooting a Facebook Live video from inside his parked car, pointing out in dismay the large number of Spanish radio stations crowding the radio dial. He occasionally described them as "Messican."

He was scanning the radio dial, pointing out one station after another. Then he paused.

"Am I, am I getting to you?" he said. Then he dropped the S-bomb.

"More spic ... um, excuse me, more Mexican music, " he said.

Soon afterward, U.S. Army combat veteran Chad Garcia responded with his own Facebook post. Garcia, himself a former KNZR talk radio host who also did a stint producing McKay' s show, was clearly upsetby McKay' s language.

"DEAR BAKERSFIELD, " Garcia posted.

"I give you the REAL Jaz McKay from KNZR referring to Mexican radio as 'spic' radio. This is a clip recorded from his Facebook Live video, which, no doubt will be deleted soon.

"He is the self proclaimed 'King' of local talk radio, " Garcia said of McKay. "Bakersfield can do better than this."

On Tuesday, McKay referred to Garcia by his radio moniker "Chadman.”

“Been nice knowing you,” McKay wrote on Facebook. “Goodbye and have a pleasant tomorrow. Chadman must be very happy.”

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