Supporters of President Donald Trump waited in lengthy lines outside of Meadows Field Airport Wednesday morning to welcome the president to Bakersfield.

Excitement and pride were exhibited by many that sported their Trump gear and “Make America Great Again” hats.

“It means everything to us (that the president is visiting us),” said Diane Barnett. “We (Republicans) feel alone here in California, but we’re not.”

“I think it’s a great thing that we have our president visit our great town,” said Gurinder Singh Basra.

Trump addressed local farmers, oil workers and general supporters on issues concerning supplying and delivering water from Northern California to the southern San Joaquin Valley for agricultural purposes.

“I think it’s important to have the president come here to have face-to-face interactions with his constituents,” said Audri Ediger. “I think it’s important our farmers and workers are heard. When you’re in the farming industry in California it can be scary.”

James C. Morrison, who works in the oil industry, feels that Gov. Gavin Newsom is “trying to hurt” the oil business in Kern County. He said that it’s “time to push back” against the state’s regulations on oil.

“There’s a lot of new regulations the governor is going to put on the oil industry. I want (Trump) here in Kern County. We need Kern County to be an oil and gas sanctuary,” Morrison said.

“I think (water) is a great topic to be discussed here with our farmers. But what’s going to power the tractors for the farmers without gas and oil?”

Wednesday's rally took place on Boughton Drive just off of Airport Drive on the east side of the airport. Those who saw the president speak in the JACO Hanger at Meadows Field had to RSVP ahead of time and have their backgrounds checked, according to Mike Mazzie.

“I’m out of breath from the walk but it was worth it,” Mazzie said. “It means a lot for (Trump) to recognize us when he has so much going on in the world.”

Backing of the president extended beyond Meadows Field, as local residents lined the streets along Norris Road and Airport Drive with signs, flags and shirts showing support.

Fred and Linda Enyeart watched the wall-to-wall traffic from their driveway on Norris Road as they waited to catch a glimpse of Air Force One touching down.

"This makes me feel proud, happy and excited," Fred Enyeart said. "A lot of people like me are proud of our president." 

"It feels good (Trump) is in town. I like seeing the extra support on days like today," Linda Enyeart said. 

Fred Enyeart said the traffic he observed in Oildale was significantly higher than when President George W. Bush visited Bakersfield in 2004. He cited the behavior of Trump supporters as what made him so glad to get behind the president on Wednesday.

"I'm glad to see (the supporters) are all well-behaved," he said. "We don't want to show any ignorance."

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(35) comments

Masked 2020

those poor children......who dressed them to look like extra's for a remake of The Shining 2020......and the Governess.. My, My, My......I'm thinking they attend the very private Betsy DeVos Institute for Trump youth....

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Do you have any functioning brain cells?

When you aren't copying and pasting, you are name calling.

A cornucopia of intelligence you are not...


John Owen Brennan is a former American intelligence official who served as the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency from March 2013 to January 2017. 

Today, with the new revelations, he said on Twitter..

We are now in a full-blown national security crisis. By trying to prevent the flow of intelligence to Congress, Trump is abetting a Russian covert operation to keep him in office for Moscow’s interests, not America’s.

Jerry Todd

Brennan is a convert to Islam and is behind all the false flags that ended up in the phony impeachment. He's finally feeling the hot breath of truth on his neck.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

You mean, John Brennan, the known LIAR? That's what you're going to hang your hat on dweeb? What a joke- keep drinking your CNN Kool Aid...


She says "we don't wanna show any ignorance". Omg that is priceless lady!

Masked 2020

I've never seen a person wear a MAGA hat in public.....only on TV....I thought they were only worn on their way to cross burnings....before they put on their hoods.....


I saw one at Walmart oildale last week. 80 year old white man, of course.


This 80 year old white man is afraid to wear a MAGA hat as you liberal clowns would attack me. If I was still young and still in uniform I would have taken all you limp wristed clowns on and kick your buttocks.


Do as I do conceal carry, protect yourself with force.


Figured you shopped at Walmart. Good thing is I will never run into you as I don't shop among the low income.

Jerry Todd

Wow! you can pick out the effete snobs from the ranks of the ignorant and arrogant any time. I buy my dog's Pupperoni's at WalMart, Milk at Smart and Final, ice cream at Vons, orange juice and toilet paper at Costco. I'm sure Desperado has all his stuff delivered. BTW, my wine is flown in from a secret location near Charolettesville, VA. KAG!


Typical rich dim. Cares nothing for the poor.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

You don't get out often do you?

Guess they've strengthened security at the rest home where your little brain resides...


Respect: Welcome the President. Think about what would happen if students did that to student body officers, teachers, or principals...or if teachers held signs like that when principals or superintendents visited classrooms. These continual demonstrations of disrespect for our President (whether you are in political agreement or not) are examples of the same increasing demonstrations of obstinate behavior in schools and community.


Oh give me a break! You only get respect when you deserve respect. The Boomer Rubes can live in denial of the corruption and racism this President spreads daily. He is destroying the rule of law right in front of your eyes! Wake up Rubes!


You wouldn’t know the rule of law if it walked up to you and kicked you in your a$$. Actually, it would be kicking your head because that’s where your head is planted.


oooooo good one. You could have just said, "nice hair" just as snappy.


I don't see any actual examples of your mindless accusations, as usual.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Please genius- educate me in the rule of law...

I'll wait...


Don’t waste your time GPC, I’ve asked it to explain the Rule of Law before and it never responded. It doesn’t know and proves it’s ignorance because it thinks “Crazy Bernie” is a better choice than “The Donald”. I bet it can’t even tell you what a social democrat is without trying to google the term.

Gary Crabtree

What? No impeach Trump demonstration? [beam]


Actually there is a demonstration at 17th and L.

He's already impeached, today, tomorrow and forever! Criminal corrupt President. Shameful.

Jerry Todd

How can you be impeached without an impeachable charge? That exhibition was all show so Nancy could keep the Jihad Squad at bay while dealing with an insane crop of Democrats, all too many from California.


You’re trying to talk common sense to a puny whine-gut. Save your energy for someone more deserving who can actually carry on an intelligible conversation.


Trump was impeached. It’s history cannot EVER be changed.

One I only three EVER to be publicly shamed by impeachment stain.

He likes to call names: wait till Bloomberg treats him like a dog Lol

BTW why do short people LOVE Trump even though he laughs at them

By calling Mini-Mike and Little Marco. That’s a lot of voters to kick cuzz

You know they HATE being called short. I love it when they still lick

His boots after he slaps their faces. Lol

Gary Crabtree

I was eluding to the next impeachment the Dem's are cooking up.


Show us why, actual examples, as to why you still say impeached, etc., etc. All you liberals do is spout stuff but never have proof. Show me.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

So was your buddy Bill Clinton- and yet, both were acquitted by the US Senate.

Acquitted today, tomorrow and forever!

Try again Dweeb...


Asterisk President. *Impeached. It just kills him. You can tell. His brand is ruined. When he leaves office, he's going bakrupfor the 5th time.


Great company- The Impeached. The Forever Stained. Only three, so it happens only very rarely.

BOZO The Clown made the Hall of Shame Team! Bravo. Johnson. Clinton. Trump.

Bears no resemblance to Washington. Lincoln. Kennedy. Reagan.

Bet Melania loves that Trump traded her in for a worn-out porn actress. Yup. Kinda tells us all we need to know about character and ‘class’. Gnarly biz. Very gnarly. Lol


Mr. Crabtree:. Explain to me again how homes in Bakersfield are half the price of anywhere else in United States ?

Gary Crabtree

You need what I say more closely. I said, homes in Bakersfield are selling at 50% of the median priced home in CALIFORNIA. Bakersfield homes are at "par" with the median priced home in the U.S.


Gary, don't worry about it. Lily will never be able to understand even if/when you explain.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Don't worry Gary, Lily constantly gets confused when presented with facts...

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