TJ Cox has taken the lead over David Valadao in the the 21st Congressional District following new election updates posted by Kern County late Monday. Cox now leads by 438 votes, according to the California Target Book, which is tracking races.

Cox, a Democrat, has been steadily gaining votes on the three-term incumbent, Valadao, a Republican. If he wins, and the vote count is not yet over, it would be a major upset in a race that was not predicted to be highly competitive.

"It's exciting but not surprising," said Cox spokesman Phil Vander Klay, who noted that late votes were trending in favor of Cox and now seemed to put him on track for victory. 

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Orange County guy

If any president deserves a check, it's Trump. After all, it was OK for the Republicans to put a check on Obama.


GOoPers take heed. Your party is circling the toilet bowl and about to follow Trump down the sewer.


At this point, what difference does it make? Just one more Trump-hater in the House to obstruct him (Trump) from doing what We The People elected him to do. Yawn.

Orange County guy

You're a sore loser. Get used to the House putting a check on your president.

Dan Runner

"We The People" did not elect Trump. He was selected by the Electoral College even though he lost the popular vote by 2.9 million. We The People elected a Democratic House of Representatives as a check against the power monger who occupies the White House.


@ReefRanger - Trump lost the popular vote. "We The People" voted for Hillary Clinton.


Logical and Dan - you guys realize the electoral college is in place to keep California and New York from deciding every election, right? THANK GOD! You're aware that she literally won the popular vote by Los Angeles, right? Geez...


@dogmom - Yes, and thanks for your comment! I think there's a case to be made that when the electoral college was founded, we were living in a very different country. America has changed a lot in the last 100+ years. The way America is today, are you really okay with discounting the vote of American citizens? I mean, even if I didn't vote for a candidate, at the end of the day, the popular vote speaks volumes. And more than ever, it feels like the winner of the popular vote should win. That still would have left the outcome of the last few elections unchanged (barring Bush/Gore and Trump/Clinton). It just feels strange to say that even if it's LA casting the deciding vote that their votes should not count. What's the alternative? What reason/rationale do you have for wanting their votes excluded?

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