Three months since the first COVID-19 case was announced in Kern County, 57 people have died and 3,522 cases have been confirmed locally, according to the most recent figures released by the Kern County Public Health Services Department.

That includes three new deaths from the virus and 60 new cases reported Wednesday morning.

Close to 43,000 tests for the virus have been performed in that time. The vast majority — 38,595 — have been negative and 742 are pending. 

Currently, about 1,200 people in Kern County have active COVID-19 infections. More than 2,300 have recovered.

According to geographic data, areas that have seen the most COVID-19 infections in Kern include the Bakersfield zip codes of 93307 (636 cases), 93306 (352 cases), 93304 (316 cases) and 93309 (303 cases).

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The Trump Administration has moved on. We are still losing the equivalent of two full 747's every day. They can't figure out how to govern so they just don't. You are cannon fodder America.

We need leadership. Kick him to the curb.


As long as Pelosi and Schumer go with him, I’m game. They are just as guilty for lack of action and weak leadership as he is. Newsom needs to go too, before he finishes off destroying what’s left of California.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

@Veritas- as much as I agree with you 100%, there's no way Dweeb and/or Yuckies would ever go along; they patently refuse to eat their own...under any circumstance...

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