Sixteen-year-old Wendale Davis was sitting in a parked car in southeast Bakersfield shortly before 3 a.m. Sunday when his killer pulled up alongside.

The Bakersfield teen was one of at least three young men to die on an unusually violent Saturday night in Kern County.

Someone sitting inside a dark Ford Thunderbird or similar car fired at Davis and then sped away, according to the Bakersfield Police Department. Police found Davis sitting in the driver's seat of a blue 1995 Honda Civic, slumped behind the steering wheel.

Davis, parked in the 900 block of Bradshaw Street, had taken a single bullet to the head, according to the Kern County Coroner's office. He was pronounced dead at Kern Medical Center four hours after the shooting.

Two hours before the Bradshaw Street homicide, Bakersfield police found Michael Ray Negrete, 22, of Bakersfield, dead in the street in the 1300 block of Lake Street.

Police spotted Negrete's body on the asphalt shortly before 1 a.m. Sunday when they arrived to break up a large party. Emergency dispatchers said callers had earlier reported hearing a single gunshot.

However, Negrete did not suffer a gunshot wound. Police found him lying next to a vehicle that had recently sustained rear-end damage, and they say he was apparently hit by that vehicle.

But the county coroner's office, which reported Negrete's death, did not further clarify Sunday night how Negrete might have sustained his fatal injuries, except that he was a pedestrian. Neither the police nor the coroner's office identified the make and model of the suspect vehicle, which was parked and unattended at the scene, or its registered owner.

The county coroner's office did not specify the cause of Negrete's death, listing it only as "suspicious circumstances."

Also on Saturday night, Esequiel Perez Jr., 28, of Delano, died after being shot by an unknown assailant just after 11 p.m., according to the Delano Police Department. He was pronounced dead at Delano Regional Medical Center a half-hour later.

Perez was riding as a passenger in a white 1999 Chrysler when he was shot by someone in another vehicle -- a white, mid-sized car, according to witness descriptions -- near the corner of 12th and Fremont streets. The driver of the Chrysler, 26-year-old Rene Figueroa, also was hit.

Figueroa managed to drive to Delano Regional Medical Center, where he and Perez were treated for gunshot wounds. Figueroa, shot once in the upper arm and once in the lower leg, was transported to Kern Medical Center in serious condition.

Perez, who was shot twice in the left shoulder, was pronounced dead at 11:42 p.m.

Anyone with information on Bakersfield killings can call homicide detective Fred Calvillo at 326-3504 or 327-7111. Anyone with information on the Delano shootings can call 721-3377.

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