Maybe they should call it the 'Not Garth" show.

You don't have to dial that call-in number 647 times in the hope of striking Garth gold.

You don't need to veer across two lanes of traffic into a bowling alley parking lot when you hear that call-in song on the radio.

And you absolutely must avoid calling that friend who knows a friend who used to work for someone who might know how to score tickets (guilty as charged).

On Thursday, at Temblor Brewing Co., you just have to show up.

Pay your five bucks.

And settle into some Country Deluxe.

"We're expecting a big crowd. It's a whole-building event. We're opening up the back bar," said Katie Brownell, event manager at Temblor, located about a thousand yards from Buck Owens' Crystal Palace, where the multiplatinum country artist Brooks will perform at the second stop on his "Dive Bar" Tour.

Billed as the Beer Release & Shameless Happy Hour, the show starts at 6 p.m. at Temblor and will feature Kern County's own Vince Galindo and his band, Country Deluxe, which leans heavily toward traditional country, including Merle and Buck, but also mixes in roots-oriented covers by newer artists, including Texas singer-songwriter Hayes Carll.

"If it's a song we enjoy playing, we'll do it," Galindo said.

His band is made up of veteran players of both stage and studio, including Kyle Burnham on drums, Justin McWilliams on bass, Kyle Appleton on guitars and Noah Claunch playing keyboards.

Young singer-songwriter Charlie McNeal, who hails from the Central Coast, will open the show.

And the night includes a bonus.

Temblor is releasing its newest brew Thursday, dubbed Kern County Premium Lager.

"It's like our craft version of an easy-drinking, light-bodied beer," Brownell said. It's brewed especially for those who don't necessarily have a taste for robust craft styles, but want craft quality in a lighter brew.

But whether you're drinking a lager, a porter or a water, Brownell said Thursday's show should be a great way to blow off some steam for all those who didn't have a snowball's chance of snagging tickets to "that BIG SHOW," where the only way to secure tickets has been to win them through KUZZ, or one of several other country radio stations throughout the state. That, and on Tuesday afternoon, KUZZ said it was giving away seven pairs of tickets in front of the Rabobank Arena.

No one at Temblor is thumbing their nose at Garth. But there's a good-natured rivalry lurking between the lines. And having a cold beer to the sounds of Country Deluxe may be just fine, thank you.

"Maybe we can see Garth drive by from the Temblor parking lot," wisecracked one fan who said he's planning to attend the Temblor show.

He asked that his name not be used.

Steven Mayer can be reached at 661-395-7353. Follow him on Facebook and on Twitter: @semayerTBC.

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A little 'Country' is good . . . !

More 'Country' is better . . . for Bako . . . !

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