O' Twitter Tree

For the second year, the O' Twitter Tree is back at the Outlets at Tejon, and your tweets can control the lights. 

The Outlets at Tejon is gearing up for the holiday season with O' Twitter Tree, "a one-of-a-kind holiday display with decorations that you control with Twitter hashtags," the outlets said on its website.

Your O' Twitter Christmas tree tweets can help raise awareness and funds for three local organizations: Marley's Mutts, CASA and the Wounded Heroes Fund.

All you have to do is Tweet @OutletsAtTejon with one of the following hashtags to change the color of the lights on the tree:

#Cheer activates the CASA lights.

#Joy activates the Marley’s Mutts lights.

#Peace activates the Wounded Heroes Fund lights.

#Shoptejon activates the presents.

#Twinkle makes the lights blink when paired with any of the other hashtags.

#KUZZ enables all light features at once.

#Scrooge turns all the lights off.

The organization that can keep the Twitter Tree lit in their color the longest will be the winner, according to the outlets' website. The outlets will keep track of the lights through Sunday, Nov. 12, at 8 p.m., when the competition ends.

This is how the tree works:

"Lights are strung and displayed just like any normal holiday tree, but are turned on and off by specific Twitter hashtags. Instead of plugging into a wall outlet, the lights are plugged into separate channels on the top of the Twitter Tree box," said the outlets in a press release. "Within the box, an Arduino open source micro-controller with custom programming instantaneously transforms specific tweets and hashtags into commands that provide or deny power to each electrical channel."

You can witness the Christmas tree celebration yourself at the Outlets at Tejon's annual Christmas Tree Lighting on Friday, Nov. 10, at 6 p.m at 5701 Outlets at Tejon Pkwy. At the event, Santa will make an appearance, and the Delano High School choir will perform.

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