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Tehachapi Loop Overlook opens with ribbon-cutting

After reaching its fundraising goal of $100,000 in May, thanks to the local community, the Tehachapi Loop Overlook opened Monday afternoon with a ribbon-cutting. 

The Tehachapi Loop was built in 1876, and thousands of visitors make their way through Tehachapi each year to view the trains at the viewing spot. 

Located near Keene, the Tehachapi Loop is a railroad engineering feat, allowing the trains to pass in a circular loop as they gain elevation in a steep area without exceeding a 2.2 percent grade.

Not only is the new overlook more attractive to visitors, it also provides safety for those who wish to view the trains passing over the Loop. 

The newly installed platform pushes the previous monuments back 40 or so feet, so that viewing can be without standing in the roadway. 

Friends of the Tehachapi Depot President Steve Smith stated in May that many visitors travel to their museum and do business in Tehachapi. The new platform is just another way for the city to show it cares and will leave a good impression on those who stop by. 

Editor's Note: This story has been updated to reflect the fundraising goal was $100,000 and the year the Loop was built.