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A 16-year-old boy from San Bernardino was found in the Kern River June 25.

Ivan Esquivel went missing June 16 after he jumped into the river. His body was found by a member of the public about a half mile downriver from Keysville. 

The Kern County Sheriff's Office will release the cause and manner of Esquivel's death at a later time. 

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We may need to promote floating in the Kern in the Ming/Hart park area. Hand out free life vest rentals. Promote other activities in that area to draw people out of the dangerous upper Kern. Bring in some carnival like attractions. Rides/food etc I got lucky and never lost a friend or relative to the River. But we stuc k to the lower Kern. At high water times like now even the lower Kern is dangerous. Improve access and facilities on the county area across the river from Hart Park. As much as under age drinking is a problem along the river. It may be unwise to step up enforcement in in the safer areas. That may drive more people up the Kern. Some under cover patrols spotting for obvious problems might work. Also rescue team training on holidays and weekends.. I'm not a Rich man but I would support raising more money for River training. Promote more activities in the safer areas. Concentrate people in those areas so that search and rescue can formulate a plan that will speed up their response time. Unfortunately it seems that there is a very short period of time for rescue. Unless a individual has grabbed a branch or rock. By the time the call gets into S&R. The life is probably been lost.


Very sad. If the County doesn’t want to hire lifeguards, at least up the sign to billboard size and make it electronic for real time summer updates.


This place has been here for years. Tourists have come here for years and the death toll wasn't bad in the river in 2016. We have people that do not have any common sense. What you suggest that too will be over looked. To many people just do not have common sense and see what is in front of them. All the signs and life guards won't make a difference.

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