Tarina Homes Sports Complex (copy)

In this file photo, two children pay on a teeter-totter at the Tarina Homes Sports Complex. 

The Bakersfield park called Tarina Homes Sports Complex at Mesa Marin may be a mouthful, but it could soon be a little easier to swallow after the local developer failed to pay the city the full cost of naming rights.

The city says that subdivision developer Tarina Homes has not paid the full $200,000 required to name a sports complex in northeast Bakersfield that used to be the site of Mesa Marin Raceway.

As a result, the City Council will vote on Wednesday to strip the developer’s name from the park and rename it Mesa Marin Sports Complex.

Despite the name change, some people may not notice the difference.

“Everybody knows it as Mesa Marin because the old racetrack was there,” said Bakersfield Recreation and Parks Director Dianne Hoover. “We always referred to it as Mesa Marin, but then Tarina Homes came and said we’d like to purchase the naming rights.”

The developer did not respond to a request for comment.

The sports complex contains four softball fields in addition to a playground, picnic area, dog park and splash pads.

The city has planned future expansions of the park as well.

Tarina Homes, which constructed the subdivision, Shamrock Hills, near the park, agreed to a three-year contract with the city in late 2017 for the naming rights of the sports park.

The contract stipulated that the developer would need to pay the city $100,000 in two installments due in July 2018 and 2019 respectively, according to the city.

However, the city wrote in its City Council agenda packet that after Tarina Homes encountered delays in construction for new homes, it had difficulty meeting the original payment terms.

After asking the city to “be flexible” in accepting payment, Bakersfield officials received the first $100,000 for naming rights in June of this year, according to the council agenda.

In May, Tarina Homes once again contacted the city, asking for an alternate payment plan for the second installment, the city said.

The City Council agreed in June to allow Tarina Homes to make five $20,000 payments to Bakersfield, the first installment of which was due July 1.

However, Tarina Homes did not execute the agreement, nor make a payment on July 1, according to the city, and the City Manager’s Office is recommending the council terminate the contract on Wednesday.

The city sent a letter informing the company of its intentions.

If the council votes to drop the Tarina Homes name from the park, the park could be renamed if another party became interested in purchasing naming rights.

“I have to take one step at a time,” Hoover said. “City Council has to accept this first before I can ever consider. I can’t put the cart before the horse.”

Two other parks in Bakersfield have been renamed after a company purchased naming rights — Aera Park on Jewetta Avenue and Kaiser Permanente Sports Village along Taft Highway. Both companies signed longer contracts with the city than Tarina Homes.

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I guess you get what you pay for with the city. And only that. $$$$ for nothing


What were they supposed to get in exchange? They already put a sign up with their name on it. What was the city supposed to do, other than that?


200k only gets you 3 years naming rights of a park in the middle of no where...yikes! Then the City puts your company on blast to the media. If I were Tarina Homes CEO I would definitely be at the city tomorrow telling then to take my companies name off ASAP.


To start, it’s not in the middle of nowhere, it is surrounded in the area by thousands of homes, with more going up. If course it’s no northwest, or southwest, but the people there didn’t want to be either.

They (Tarina) asked to put their name on it in exchange for a fee and they got their name on it already. They are the ones who defaulted. Why is it the city’s fault? I would say it’s more of a bad decision by the builder to spend money they didn’t yet have, and for what?

The money that was promised was probably put into the budget of the park to pay for parts of it. Andnif the city doesn’t get the money they delay doing certain things that they don’t have the money for. Seems prudent to me, and not reckless or irresponsible, as it seems it was with the builder. And yeah, you should be ‘put on blast’ if you default on your promise. It’s called being responsible

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