The Delano Union School District has decided, in the interest of students and faculty alike, that the Monday after the Super Bowl will be an off day for all 12 of its schools.

It's not so much a football thing as an attendance-maximizing thing.

“We have plenty of fans from each team,” said district spokesman James Hay. “Some of our staff and students will be using Monday to continue celebrating and some will use it to dry their tears. But we also know that by Tuesday and Wednesday, we’ll be back in business.”

The Monday after Super Bowl has traditionally been a low attendance day in the district anyway, both for students and faculty, according to Hay. Considering that reality, he said, the district pointed to it as a potential day off on the calendar.

Hay said such a practice is not just restricted to the Super Bowl. He pointed out the district has an extended winter break because many of its families and students travel to Mexico for the holiday season.

Hay said the unusual day off does not impact or decrease the district's work year. He said the district’s priority is to adjust the calendar accordingly to meet the needs of its student body and staff, and that all the required school work days are met.

“It makes sense to be in on days where we can maximize our attendance,” Hay said.

The K-8 district, in consultation with its staff, gave schools the day off during the 2017-18 academic year, according to Hay. Last year there was no such designation, but it has been re-implemented in 2020.

“We got positive feedback on it from families and staff,” Hay said. “We moved back to it because it was seen as a positive.”

He added he was not personally aware of other school districts who give off the Monday after Super Bowl.

While he indicated that he’d be surprised if it didn’t exist elsewhere, he added “It doesn’t seem to be a thing other schools have expressed an interest in.”

Rob Meszaros, spokesman for Kern County Superintendent of Schools, said he had not heard of other local districts that will give Monday off.

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If this works for Delano, then good. They are doing something right.

Comment deleted.

Wow you beat me to it. Break out the marshmallows and bubble wrap. Nothing's hard anymore. I hope I'm not around to see the long term consequences to our nation. I smell an encompassing layer of Dem-agoguery.

All Star

I'm surprised TBC didn't interview Doloros Huerta for this story.


Common sense...

It's not dead in Delano.

Educational Institutions need have the flexibility to deal with issues as they arise.

Can anyone see a downside to this,?

Ken Dyar

Considering that DUSD’s test scores are higher than the county average, we have one of the lowest chronic absenteeism rates in the state, and one of our elementary schools was just named a Distinguished School for the 2nd time, I’d say our school board should be well as our dedicated staff, leadership, parents, and students.

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