A Bakersfield independent oil producer was ordered Tuesday to address a list of alleged violations at a well site it operates in the Fruitvale Oil Field in metropolitan Bakersfield.

The emergency order, signed by acting State Oil and Gas Supervisor Jason Marshall, head of California's Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources, was issued after inspectors discovered evidence oilfield waste had been improperly disposed of at the site and that there was fluid in so-called well cellars.

The written order also cited inadequate secondary containment measures, fencing and tank labeling at the site. It said soil there had been stained with oil, pipelines were not properly disconnected after production activities ended and that the well "was not being maintained in a manner to prevent leakage or corrosion and to safeguard life, health, property and natural resources."

Marshall's order requires Griffin Resources LLC to perform remedial work at the site, including properly removing oil-stained soils, draining oily fluids, stopping any continuing leakage at the site, building a secondary containment system and installing fencing. If the company plans to resume use of pipelines at the site, it must have the site inspected and tested by the state, the order stated.

Griffin did not return a call requesting comment.

The company has the option of appeal the state order, Marshall's written notice states. It also said if remedial work is not immediately begun at the site, and finished within 30 days, then the state may appoint others to do the work and that the bill for such work will remain as a lien against the property.

A civil penalty is also possible if Griffin does not comply with the order, according to Tuesday's written notice.

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