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Diners enjoy their meal at Mossman's Westchester Coffee Shop on May 5, when the restaurant briefly re-opened its doors to dine-in customers before having to close them again. Restaurants in Kern were given the go ahead to reopen their dining areas on Wednesday afternoon.

Retail shops and restaurants can reopen immediately in Kern County so long as they follow certain state guidelines.

The county received state approval late Wednesday afternoon to move faster into the second part of Stage 2 of Gov. Gavin Newsom's reopening plan, which includes the reopening of malls and restaurant dining rooms, as well as in-store shopping in retail establishments.

"This is a significant development and it happened in a tremendously quick amount of time," said County Administrative Officer Ryan Alsop. "I'm super proud of the county and everybody that's been working on his. We are pleased; it was very quick."

The county submitted its plan to reopen to the governor's office Tuesday afternoon, about 24 hours before it gained the OK from the state.

The state guidelines for retail and restaurants include requirements to train staff, wear masks and gloves in some situations, clean certain areas more frequently and implement social distancing.

A link to the guidelines can be found on kerncounty.com

The county was able to meet the requirements because the governor's office in recent days adjusted benchmarks that counties must meet. The state had originally required counties to have no deaths in the past two weeks from COVID-19 and no more than one case of the virus per 10,000 people in the past two weeks.

Kern County officials petitioned the governor to consider an alternative metric using the stability of hospitalizations for COVID-19, which the governor agreed to.

Along with retail shops, the Valley Plaza Mall and Tejon Outlets will be able to reopen.

"They have to reopen based on the guidelines so it may not pop up tomorrow morning but I know these businesses are getting this news and ... once they are able to meet these guidelines they will be able to open more broadly," Alsop said.

Kern County Board of Supervisors Chairwoman Leticia Perez said the timing couldn't be better, before a long holiday weekend.

"The governor's decision to open during this Memorial Day weekend demonstrates his commitment to kick-starting our local economies once real community partnership is demonstrated at the local level," Perez said. "I for one am proud to see Kern County's local medical, business and community leaders take center stage for a well-deserved bow in front of all of California for community building during crisis."

There are other sectors in the second part of stage 2 that the county has not yet obtained approval to give the go ahead to reopen. They include schools, offices and other public spaces.

It's unclear what exactly would happen if the county falls below some of the benchmarks, but Alsop said he doesn't expect that to happen, saying he felt the county had "stable data points." But, he said, "... part of this is understanding that if things change in an extraordinary way, we're going to work in consultation with the state to address that."

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Perfect timing. It's my daughter's 16th b-day this weekend. Anywhere she wants--table for 6.


So ‘deeb, I am just curious if you and your little socialist buddies can explain your hero’s about face from barely 4 days ago. Since you are a devout Newsomite, I am sure you can enlighten us all as to why he all of the sudden changed his mind and basically threw out most of his list of criteria that had to be met in order to reopen businesses. I am looking forward to the response(s) from the socialist bed.


Gretchen Whitmer. Lives threatened. Anarchy.

That's your answer. Proud ? Ready to drive over to beach and flaunt your white, flabby body ?

I'm not 'deeb' nor a socialist, but I do have standards.


Another triggered snowflake....

Gene Pool Chlorinator

This is my third time posting the same response- I can do it all day long...

Wow Lilyrose, insinuating that Veritas is "white" and (using Aunt Nancy's own words) "morbidly obese"?

Guess racism and fat shaming are part of your lexicon now?



If you only knew what I looked, she is so far off we would be laughing every time she made a racist or fat shaming comment. Pathetic really.


Poor Lily. Reading comprehension is not your strong suit, I get it. I didn’t peg you for a racist though. Even though you aren’t ‘deeb you share many of his/her traits. You can say you are not a socialist, but many of your inane comments say otherwise. Oh, and thank you to you and ‘deeb. Neither one of you answered my question, but I expected that. What is it that Forrest Gump said, something is as something does....


I think he's being ut on the science, infection rate in Kern, models...

You seem disappointed. You'd rather have Trump supporters in the streets with pitchforks to feed the white rage? Did this take the air out of the balloon?

Also, a new poll out today, nationwide, 83% of Americans say they are not ready to risk their lives yet for a salad. So go on out there you 17%, you can be our Guinea Pigs. Party on! Like I will be Nov 3rd.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Not what the poll said at all Dweeb ("83% say they are not ready to risk their lives yet for a salad").

In addition, the same poll also stated this:

While still resolute, support (now around 60%) for such measures to contain the coronavirus has slipped in the past month — 80% were in favor of stay-at-home orders in April. The new survey found that 69% now favor restricting gatherings to 10 people or fewer, down from 82% in April.

But continue to misrepresent and cherry pick to suit your agoraphobia...

Independent Voter

Alright, Dweeb, let's celebrate! What's your pleasure? Italian? Mexican? Burgers? Crow? Share a soda - two straws, of course. Why, Dweeb, is The Guv in such a hurry to open things up? What's changed? Do you support The Guv's decision to push this all forward?

Inconvenient Truth

I know his/her favorite song:


Gene Pool Chlorinator

Hey IV, I enjoyed a fabulous Mexican dinner with multiple margaritas tonight.

Nobody (other than the employees) wore masks either...

So worth it to get back into the game and support our fellow citizens that have been crippled during the past two months...

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