Six Flags Magic Mountain Announces North America's First Virtual Reality Coaster

Six Flags Magic Mountain, the undisputed thrill capital of the world, today announced final details for The New Revolution, North America’s first fully-integrated Virtual Reality (VR) roller coaster from Samsung Gear VR, powered by Oculus, to develop a multi-dimensional virtual coaster experience. The Valencia-based theme park stays true to its history of launching coaster thrills to new and unprecedented levels of exhilaration by immersing riders in a completely virtual world. From the moment riders board and don Samsung Gear VR, the traditional roller coaster experience is transformed. High-definition imagery and storytelling syncs with the unique track configuration creating a one-of-a-kind seamless “real world” to “virtual world” thrill ride experience. Riders now become co-pilots seated in the cockpit of a true-to-life fighter jet, flying through a futuristic city while virtually engaged in a battle to protect the Planet against alien invaders, all while racing over the 3,500 feet of twisting, turning, looping coaster track.

Everything is about to change.

Six Flags and Samsung partnered together to make virtual reality roller coaster rides, which will be available for amusement park goers later this month.

Roller coasters will be equipped with Samsung Gear VR headsets. Riders will see scenes of space or will fight aliens or fly through Metropolis with Superman.

CNN says on some of the rides, passengers will even be able to interact with the virtual world by firing weapons.

"This transforms the modern roller coaster into a totally new, one of a kind sensorial experience -- powered by technology," Marc Mathieu, CMO of Samsung Electronics America, said.

Although this sounds super exciting, there are some concerns. Passengers says sometimes they feel nauseated, so don’t eat a hot dog before. The unsettling feeling is a result of the eyes making the brain think the body is moving when the body is actually still, says CNN. Six Flags is also working to make the headsets secure and comfortable, especially after hundreds of people use them, one after the other.

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