Stockdale High School hosted the Southern Valley Forensic League State qualifier on Friday and Saturday for debate, an event that brings together students from all over the southern Central Valley for a double-elimination competition.

It takes 128 total entries across the four debate events and narrows it down to 26 spots for the California High School Speech Association state championship.

The following Bakersfield students have qualified:

Policy Debate

Nora Scully and Tiberius Hernández (Stockdale High School)

Lauren Adams and Riley Dison (Bakersfield High School)

Jonathan Ipe and Alex Puga (Stockdale High School)

Mukul Anand and Daniel Bazmi (Stockdale High School)

Aiden Park and Andrew Shenouda (Stockdale High School)

Lincoln-Douglas Debate

Rishi Shah (Stockdale High School)

Gurman Dhaliwal (Stockdale High School)

Harshini Ravi (Stockdale High School)

Public Forum Debate

Mahima Kunani and Miller McCraw (Stockdale High School)

Pratham Goswami and Audrey Greene (Stockdale High School)

Sagar Gupta and Jaskaran Singh (Stockdale High School)

Ishaan Brar and Zachary Cadiz (Stockdale High School)

Parliamentary Debate

Elias Abadi and Insiyah Merchant (Stockdale High School)

Rishabh Bose and Aayushi Kapadia (Stockdale High School)

Hector Cabrera and Leonard Delgadillo (Ridgeview High School)

Samantha Alphonso and John Weirather (Stockdale High School)

The California High School Speech Association state tournament is scheduled for April 24 through 26 at James Logan High School in Union City.

On Feb. 1 and 22, SVFL held the speech qualifier tournaments for the state championship, and the following students qualified from Bakersfield:

Original Oratory

Aayushi Kapadia (Stockdale High School)

Original Advocacy

Riley Dison (Bakersfield High School)

Harshita Ravi (Stockdale High School)


Leonard Delgadillo (Ridgeview High School)

National Extemporaneous Speaking

Nora Scully (Stockdale High School)

International Extemporaneous Speaking

Elias Abadi (Stockdale High School)

Lauren Adams (Bakersfield High School)

Tiberius Hernandez (Stockdale High School)

Alex Zhang (Stockdale High School)

Ishaan Brar (Stockdale High School)

Program Oral Interpretation

Alfredo Cisneros Mata (Bakersfield High School)

Riley Dison (Bakersfield High School)

Humorous Interpretation

Alfredo Cisneros Mata (Bakersfield High School)

Oratorical Interpretation

Emilia Pashayeva (Stockdale High School)

Mason Boerger (Stockdale High School)

Dramatic Interpretation

Sammi Jiang (Stockdale High School)

Duo Interpretation

Brock Bownds & Broderick Bownds (Stockdale High School)

Original Prose and Poetry

Griffin Hurst (Stockdale High School)

Inderpal Singh (Ridgeview High School)

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