Seven new deaths from COVID-19 were reported Wednesday morning by the Kern County Public Health Services Department, bringing the total to 36.

The deaths occurred in the period between May 20 and Sunday, county data shows. Of the 36, 22 were among residents of three skilled nursing facilities in Bakersfield.

According to Matt Constantine, the Kern County Public Health Services director, 18 were residents at Kingston Healthcare Center, three were residents at Valley Convalescent Hospital and one was a resident at The Orchards Post Acute.

State data showed that hospitalizations for the virus reached a high of 59 on Tuesday, with 24 of those cases in the ICU. 

The county also reported 65 new cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday. Total cases since March 17 has now reached 1,951, of which 1,284 have recovered.

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(14) comments

Masked 2020

people are seeing what they want to see in the numbers....looks like some folks took a long 3 day holiday...wasn’t the headline just yesterday the pandemic was over ...for some of the more ruthless capitalists 2 plus to 2 doesn't equal 4.... 100,000 typical flu deaths today......and we haven't fully opened.....lets hope this heat wave....shuts the pandemic down.....all the poor ole grandmas and grandpas…..just how many are in care facilities and how many recover once the get it……they must have a calculated the potential number of deaths expected when the locals reengage with the invisible enemy…. or have we rebranded the covid….

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Yorkies, your disjointed journeys into the mind's eye are nothing more than amusing flights of fancy. Sometimes I miss your old cut-and-paste from MSNBC or NYT articles...

Masked 2020

thank you Gene...I miss you to....I thought maybe the covid had gone and gotten you.......

Gene Pool Chlorinator

@Yorkies: Writing your own "comic" routine again? Word of advice- not funny. But hey, since we typically oppose each other politically, you get the warm fuzzies doing that don't you??

P.S. I'm not in the high risk group like you, but I'll say prayers for your protection even though you want me dead...

Independent Voter

Numbers are hollow without the perspective additional background offers. I understand a delay in new case reporting based testing peculiarities, but death is pretty clear cut. But I have been less than comfortable with Kern Public Health for a while. Transparency hasn't been something they've embraced.

Inconvenient Truth

Here's a little perspective:

Each year, 250,000 Californians die.

'Offical' sources claim 3,895 Californians have died from/with Covid.

This means that for every Covid-related California death, there are over 64 non-Covid-related deaths.

64 to 1

Time to get on with our lives...

Independent Voter

A sane comment, IT. Much appreciated!


Well Casones(aka MrLostitall), you did a lot of work to cut and paste the majority of your comment and at the same time make absolutely no relevant point. I am assuming that was your attempt to refute what IT wrote??


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics. Underlying Cause of Death 1999-2018 on CDC WONDER Online Database, released 2020. Data are from the Multiple Cause of Death Files, 1999-2018, as compiled from data provided by the 57 vital statistics jurisdictions through the Vital Statistics Cooperative Program. Accessed at on February 14, 2020.Number of Deaths per 100,000 Population. CALIFORNIA IS RANKED THE LOWEST AT 609.0 NEW YORK IS SECOND LOWEST 626.7 THE HIGHEST WV, KY, TN, OK WHICH WERE ALL HIGHER THAN 880.0 THIS RANKS ALL DEATHS. VIRUS DEATHS 2020 NEW YORK THE HIGHEST CALIFORNIA 5TH HIGHEST. Forget your flu deaths, mortality rates, pneumonia deaths, accidents, cancer, aids, etc. THIS IS A FACT! FROM 1999-2018 FROM MULTIPLE DEATH FILES AND ALL UNDERLYING CAUSES CALIFORNIA AND NEW YORK HAD THE LOWEST DEATHS PER CAPITA!


Unless we have specific breakdown of the numbers if these people were old with previous existing conditions this article is just sensational and useless. It seems all deaths today are assigned by hospitals to the China Wuhan Virus.

Guys, there might be a financial trick by these hospitals. They get paid extra money from the Cares Act for each virus treatment and death they have.


Balderdash. You don't get to choose if it's ok for an old person to die from Covid.


Between May 20th through 24th, and it's not reported until the 27th?

Is it reasonable to believe the county willingly withheld that information to skew the numbers they reported to the state? This is outrageous.


The County has begun leaning left.


The country started leaning left when it hired an eminent domain billionaire that believes in gun control for a president.

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