The sentencing of a man found guilty in the homicide of 34-year-old William Alford has been postponed for a third time. 

Daniel Rhoads, 45, appeared in the Kern County Superior Court on Tuesday for a sentencing hearing after a jury found him guilty of second-degree murder in April. A motion for a new trial was also addressed, in which Rhoads alleged Deputy District Attorney Michael Caves engaged in prosecutorial misconduct during the trial. It is unclear what Rhoads is alleging Caves did, however. 

Through Deputy Public Defender Lexi Blythe, Rhoads requested more time before arguing the motion in front of Kern County Judge John S. Somers. Somers granted Rhoads' request, continuing all matters to Sept. 4, including Rhoads' sentencing. 

Rhoads faces a term of 40 years to life in state prison. 

According to court documents, Rhoads told law enforcement that Alford was an acquaintance who forced his way into his home in Caliente in October 2018 after accusing Rhoads of stealing from him. When Rhoads saw Alford coming in, he said Alford reached toward his side and thought Alford was reaching for a gun.

In fear for his own safety, Rhoads said he shot Alford in self-defense, according to the documents. However, after the shooting, Rhoads didn’t call for any medical aid or law enforcement. Instead, Rhoads admitted to wrapping Alford in a black trash bag and tossing his body in a large trash bin on the side of Caliente Bodfish Road, the documents say.

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