Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders will host a town hall event at 4 p.m. Thursday in the Cal State Bakersfield Administration Quad, located just to the south of the Dore Theatre.

The event space will be open to attendees at 2:30 p.m. The Sanders campaign encourages the public to RSVP, according to a press release, which can be done at

Entry will be accommodated on a first-come, first-served basis. Parking is limited; attendees are encouraged to walk, bike or carpool. 

The senator’s last visit to Bakersfield was during the 2016 Democratic primary campaign, when he drew a crowd estimated at 3,000 to the Kern County Fairgrounds, according to a press release.

Sanders’ appearance at CSUB is part of a swing through California, said a campaign official, who did not have further details on the senator’s itinerary.

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Jerry Todd

Looks like the Socialst millionaire darling of Academia and outcome-based education is having heart problems. I wish him a speedy recovery.

Inconvenient Truth

I wonder if he went to Europe for their 'Superior' Socialized Medical Care.

Oh, that's right,... he would have had to wait months for treatment, and he's a millionaire: he can buy much better treatment than he wants to 'give' to YOU.


See ya later on Thu., Bernie, after my VA semi-ann. X-Up . . . ! Lotta questions and got my RSVP ticket . . . !


Maybe the President should stop breaking our laws , lying daily, and disrespecting democracy.

Jerry Todd

A part of a story my friend shared with us.

"I have bragged ceaselessly about being 8th Army Public Affairs Officer in Seoul, and concurrently serving as Spokesman for the Korea-US Combined Forces Command, US Forces Korea and (less often/less proudly) for the United Nations Command-Korea.

Here is a Bill Clinton story:

During Clinton's visit to S. Korea in 1993, I ended up being the UNC point-man for his visit to Panmunjom. The cretins in his advance party were insufferable and seemed to believe that Armistice rules for acceptable VIP/DV behavior inside the Truce Village area did not apply to them. All of us who dealt with Clinton and his advance team regarded him and them as being pigs, so arrogant that they felt rules for us did not apply to them. "

"Unsufferable cretins that the rules don't apply to" pretty much describes the current condition of the Democrat party. Seems nothing has changed since Clinton's cretins spread peanut shells on the deck of Marine One. Now they spread manure on the Constitution and the Republic our Founders gave us - "if we can keep it," Ben Franklin said.

Jerry Todd

Let's see. David Hogg and Bernie Sanders. That ought to do a lot for political discourse and maintaining the beauty of our Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Schedulers must be manic depressives.


Conservatives fear free speech...sad

Jerry Todd

We do? Prove it. We tend to be a bit better at discerning lying thieves than our fellow leftie citizens. It's called praying for wisdom. Sometimes our prayers are answered.


You elected a lying thief. Yeah.

Boogerface Nutter

I don't think conservatives fear free speech as much as they prefer only their own versions of any speech.

I say we listen to everyone.


Trump wipes himself with our constitution

Jerry Todd

Like when Obama told Russia's Medvedev, "For all practical purposes, the US Constitution is dead?"

I notice last weeks Media/Dem mantra had all the talking heads and seditionists claiming Trump was violating the Constitution. That was before the "crime boss" mantra" and after 20 or so weekly instructions to the useful idiots.


Are you kidding me? I'd love to see Sanders!

Jerry Todd

He does motivate the resultants of outcome based education that were never taught real American History or Civics. He'll just give the identical speech he gave 100 times or more. If you want to hear a broken record. have at it.


Broken record? Lock her up! Build the wall! Give me a break. Impeach the broken record.

Boogerface Nutter

Constitution? We have a president who can't quote from any of those writings and we're supposed to worry about Bernie, a Democratic Socialist? I'll bet he knows the documents quite well.

Might be fun to attend. Don't have to vote for him

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