It was still dark outside at about 5:36 a.m. Tuesday when a heavy steel padlock came sailing through the front window of Mane Headquarters beauty salon on 19th Street in downtown Bakersfield.

A man wearing a hoodie can be seen in the salon's security video using his gloved hands to clear the broken glass to make the hole large enough for him to step through.

Within about two minutes, the man — staying low the whole time — had filled what appeared to be a large trash bag with retail beauty products and equipment. Then, with bag in hand and the cash register till under one arm, he slipped back outside and was gone.

"It's a very violating feeling, you feel very raw and exposed. Not to mention the financial burden," said Roschel Anderson-Wynn, who co-owns the business with Erika Sandoval. 

Unfortunately, the salon's glass-break sensor, a type of detector that sounds an alarm when glass is broken, did not activate. Similarly, the burglar's movements in the salon did not activate the motion sensors.

Fortunately, a neighbor heard the sound of breaking glass and called the police. But they arrived too late to catch the burglar in the act.

"The alarm was not tripped until police were in the building," Anderson-Wynn said.

Needless to say, she's not happy with her security alarm company.

Sgt. Nathan McCauley, a spokesman for the Bakersfield Police Department, said detectives have a description of the suspect from the neighbor.

"Salons are kind of a surprising choice (for a burglar)," McCauley said. But many have a lot of glass in front which may make them seem like an easier target.

Tru Skin & Body, a salon just down 19th Street from Mane Headquarters, has endured episodes of vandalism and a break-in, said owner Kristine Hernandez.

"It's horrible. It's such a horrible feeling," Hernandez said of the experience of having her business broken into.

"It's often small businesses that are affected," she said. 

"We try to look out for each other," she said of all the businesses in her neighborhood. 

The owners of Dark Veil Dynasty Hair & Make-up Studio, also in downtown Bakersfield, have reinforced their windows with a protective layer that prevents window breakers from entering through broken glass.

"We got hit twice last year," said co-owner Alex Arias. "Took our computer system."

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Nothing will happen to the burglar if he/she is caught. The defense attorney will plea deal to a misdemeanor. The perpetrator will do little jail time, if any. Thanks to the liberals that rule California, punishment for theft does not exist if the property value is less than $950. Law enforcement officials warned voters of the consequences of AB47, but it passed anyway. There are too many low information voters in California

The police know there is little punishment for petty thieves, so they probably relegate petty thefts and non-active burglaries to the end of the line. It is good to be a petty thief in California.


It’s a well know fact throughout the community that the BPD is dysfunctional. It took 1 to 2 days after calling 911 of a theft or break-in at our residence that any officer came out to take a report. In fact, half of the reports were finally made just over the telephone, and no follow up was made even though we had clear video of the suspects. They spend most of their time just generating reports. I would venture to say that dozens of additional reports were made as a result of the suspect not being nipped in the first instance. Needless to say, we don’t bother calling the BPD any more in most cases. We handle it ourselves.


jayinbaker so true . my friend owns an antique store downtown . he caught a shoplifter months ago . he held him at gunpoint . called bpd every 15 min. for a hour . bpd never showed up . he let the guy go after a hour . more and more i hear people say they call the bpd and they never show up !


More taxes = less police support


What irony! The perp was there only. . . "two minutes . . . filled bag. . . cash register till under one arm . . . gone."
" . . . glass-break sensor . . . not activate . . . not activate the motion sensors."
neighbor . . . called the police . . . too late . . . (but "thanks to you, neighbor " . . . !)
" . . . alarm . . . tripped until police were in . . ." (security co. failure?)
"not happy with . . . security alarm company." (of consequence, liability, responsibility?)

Bakersfield Police . . . have a description . . . from the neighbor. ('security system' pre-digital age . . . like guard dogs . . . ?)
. . . lot of glass . . . (Hmmmm . . . forensics? . . . 'cased'the salon . . . more evidence than the average . . . guy knew EXACTLY where every hi-dollar item was including the loose cash register--light enuf to carry . . . and knew salon was high-$$?)
If they don't have this perp in custody by end of month, something's wrong with that NEW PENNY TAX , , , !


BTW . . . City Council / New ADVISORY COMMITTEE (so-called) . . . !?
LISTEN UP . . . SHIPMATES . . . !!!


For almost 10 years, this city's law enforcement has NEVER caught a burglar in the act. They seem unable to both prevent and stop crime. Criminals have figured out this town has zero ability to protect it's citizen's. Gangs,, tweekers, juvenile delinquents, and the homeless are the true leaders. See something, say the biggest farce of all.

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