Two local Facebook posts sent social media users into an uproar Monday after still photos and then video was posted showing a woman riding a Bird electric scooter in downtown Bakersfield that appeared to be dragging a small dog behind it.

"While riding bikes downtown on A and 20th street, we watched this awesome human being riding one of the Bird Scooters at about 15 MPH dragging this poor dog behind her by a leash," Brandon Sanders wrote in a Facebook post Sunday.

"The dog was on its side and we watched it being drug at least 100 yards and there’s no telling how long she had been dragging it for before we saw her. You can see that its paws are all completely bloody. I was unable to get a good picture of the poor dogs side."

Sanders, who included two photos of the woman holding the small dog, said he remained on the phone with the Bakersfield Police Department while following the woman to an apartment on 24th Street.

"She told me that she was going to call the cops on me for harassment and threatened me but she sure didn’t open the door and have something to say when the police went knocking on the door," Sanders said in his post.

On Monday, Bakersfield resident James Dowell posted what appears to be three home security videos showing a downtown neighborhood street. Each video shows a slightly different angle of the woman riding by on the scooter, her dog, wearing some sort of sweater, is being dragged on the street.

A spokesman for the BPD responded to an inquiry Monday.

"We are aware of the video and we are investigating the incident," said BPD Sgt. Brian Holcombe.

Individuals convicted of animal cruelty as a misdemeanor face up to one year in a county jail and a maximum $20,000 fine.

The penalties for felony animal abuse are higher, 16 months to three years in prison and the same maximum fine.

Bakersfield police also reported the dog was located and officers confirmed it received medical treatment and is expected to fully recover. However, the investigation remains ongoing.

Steven Mayer can be reached at 661-395-7353. Follow him on Facebook and on Twitter: @semayerTBC.

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BPD is investigating? What's to investigate? Did you see that video? Either she is a horrible monster guilty of animal abuse, or she's insane. But she's still guilty of animal abuse. Pathetic. BPD is investigating...right.


Ok Bakersfield call or email Bird about this sicko and see if they can yank her Bird account. At least she won't be able to drag any more pets.

Fedup with ghetto trash

Disgusting. I hope she never spawned children.


I’d have no problem breaking a few laws to go in and get that dog out of there, consequences be damned. This is ridiculous.

If I’d witnessed such a horror, I would not have been able to leave without taking the dog from that woman then and there. Yes, she’s likely on drugs and/or mentally ill. Sometimes, risking life and limb is worth it.


Can not animal control, or even BPD do an emergency intervention and breech the premises on the evidential animal cruelty involved here? At least get a search warrant from a judge, having an officer stand by the location to prevent removal of the animal, or the suspect leaving, or evidence of the physical damage done to the animal? Don't they do this for the "crazy cat lady" cases, etc.?


Animal.control in Bakersfield is a joke. Hopefully, BPD has enough video evidence to arrest this heartless piece of raw sewage for animal cruelty and remove the dog from her possession.


Wow. What kind of sicko does this?

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