The Taft Union High School District was negligent in a 2013 classroom shooting that injured a student, a civil trial jury announced Wednesday, according to a KGET-TV report.

Attorney Daniel Rodriguez represented the family of injured student Bowe Cleveland.

"The jury did absolutely the right thing," Rodriguez told The Californian. "Despite a mountain of warning signs, the district let this happen."

Rodriguez had argued that the district didn't take reasonable precautions before Bryan Oliver shot Cleveland at school, KGET-TV reported.

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As a former student and employee of TUHS, I can say this with absolute conviction: They're corrupt. The administration cares ONLY about preserving their "good ole' boy" mentality and tactics. They hired Blanca Cavazos from Arvin High, which was a good move, but she hasn't been able to clean house as much as she would like because of the board who couldn't make a logical decision if their collective lives depended on it. It's shameful what Oliver did, and punishment was absolutely necessary. That being said, a boy - and that's what he was, a boy - can only take so much incessant bullying before he snaps. Imagine going to school EVERY. SINGLE. DAY knowing what was in store for you. Bowe Cleveland was a menace, but since his father was a coach, and he was on the football team, the fact that he was making Oliver's life a nightmare was swept away and considered the cost of doing business. The district administration shares considerable responsibility for this nightmare, and of course, will never admit as much. Shameful.


The only ones that win in these lawsuits are the attorneys


I'll say it: why is no one holding Bowe Cleveland responsible? Sure, the adults in charge did nothing, because they knew Bowe would win every time. Bowe was afforded BMOC because of his stature as an athlete and his reputation for getting away with being a bully. What Oliver did (shooting Bowe) was absolutely wrong and absolutely avoidable. Had the administration done something to STOP BOWE, there's a good chance Oliver would be at college, away from his horror of a high school, and Bowe plowing his way forward too. And yes....I have several friends who children were at Taft High when the shooting happened. I cannot imagine their fright. But every parent knew of Bowe, and of his reputation. The decision is legal, but not justice. Especially for Bryan Oliver, who was a harassed, beaten, demoralized, scared young man who Taft High failed even more miserably that Cleveland.


I don’t think Oliver was treated fairly.


Because schools are not interested in justice, only order. If they were, then they would not punish someone for defending himself the same way they (are supposed to) punish his attacker. "Zero-tolerance" policies do not create fairness. The right of self-defense exists in every legal system on the planet except for the American school campus.

Tony Tee

Why is no one holding Bowe Cleveland responsible? Because Bowe Cleveland is the VICTIM. He is still suffering from the incident. He has nightmares. He has had over 30 alleged medical operations. He is forever going to have medical complications, according to his attorney. One of the TV stations broadcast his testimony. I am no expert, but behind the full beard he was wearing, he appears to be lying. He was asked if he bullied Bryan Oliver, his answer was no! But the trial was about the school not taking action before the shooting. Bryan Oliver was the PROBLEM KID – not Cleveland! Next up, suing the Taft police department for negligence for not having a guard on duty on the day. When Bryan Oliver goes before a parole board in 10-years, we can be sure Bowe Cleveland will write be writing a letter saying not to release Bryan Oliver, because Cleveland is afraid for his life and still has nightmares about the shooting. If Oliver is released, he will be escorted back into jail for non-payment of the $850,000 imposed upon him by judge John W. Lau along with the 27-years. Either way, Oliver loses.

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