Ridgeview High social studies teacher Marc Donez had a unique proposition for his students facing their final exams this week.

If his students were able to get Bakersfield native and Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr to give a shout out to the school on social media by the end of the day today, they would get to take an alternate exam with fewer questions.

“Finals can always be stressful for the kids, so I was trying to calm those nerves a little bit,” Donez said. “I wanted to try something fun.”

The students were up to the challenge, with several of them posting on Twitter asking Carr to respond. On Tuesday afternoon, the students got their wish. Rather than just a text post, however, Carr posted a video message.

“Shout out to the students at Ridgeview High School that wanted me to tweet a shout out to you,” he said. “Well, I’m going to send you a video instead and say that there shouldn’t even be an alternate exam — there should be no exam. God bless you guys and go Raiders!”

Now, it’s time for Donez to pay up. He said his students will take the alternate exam this week.

“I was optimistic he would respond, knowing how involved he is in our community,” he said.

Donez said he’s a Raiders fan and holds Carr in high esteem.

“I’m a big Derek Carr fan, knowing the positive things he and his family does for the community,” he said. “He’s a great role model for our students.”

Carr and his brother, David Carr, participate in a CarrElite football camp for kids each year, as well as participate in other local events. Derek Carr is also a spokesperson for Valley Children's Healthcare. 

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Deserves a reprimand from the Superintendent. Not acknowledgement from the Bakersfield Californian. Poor judgement demonstrated. I like Derek Carr but this stunt was not in the best interests of education.


Jeez people get a grip! I wish people were as interested as much in more serious topics affecting our lives as this story. Human nature is fascinating.


Public school education is an important aspect of our lives.


The stunt shows the weakness of a certified professional (?) diminishing the purpose of instruction and failing to give the students an opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned. This is clearly a case of the teacher allowing a poor decision and admiration for a person not related to content instruction to interfere in the learning and assessment process. I am interested in what was taught that lead up to this point and just what was done in his classroom during the three-hour final exam schedule. Teachers that do not do their professional best to encourage learning and measure what was taught and what might need reteaching are limiting the potential of their students, as well as letting down parents, and the larger community. Just how does this teacher provide feedback to his students and inform the grades he issues?
Connecting this with today's opinion article by Justin Salter's the community might call for a higher caliber of instruction as a first step in addressing the poor education level of the region's population, low pay, and limited job opportunities for workers with college degrees and advanced training. "just say'n !"

Finals are scheduled for approximately two hours and administered for class periods 1 followed by 2 Wednesday with a 30-minute nutrition break, class periods 3 & 4 Thursday, and class periods 5 & 6 on Friday.
Finals Schedule
Finals Schedule
Finals Schedule
Finals Schedule


How has a diminished anything? The kids that learned the material, learned it. The one that didn't probably will do just as bad on the shorter exam. It seems your biggest complaint is, 'those kids didn't get to demonstrate what they learned!' Which is demostrably false because they are still taking a test. Moreover, tests don't always demonstrate the depth of a student's understanding. 10-1 the test is mostly multiple choice which is one of the worst "tests" to guage someone's knowledge. Essays are much better at giving the teacher an idea of where the student is at with the material. And, having a short final for that class gives the students more time to study for other tests.


Dumbest thing I've ever seen. Why go to school then?Why go to work? It's not even original. Kobe the rapist got a class off from taking their final a day earlier in San Benito HS in Texas. Can someone give me an AMEN so I won't have to pay my bill's or mortgage?


A greedy, draft dodging, racist, philandering racist made it to the White House on his parents dime. America!


Whut? I mean yeah, but what does that have to do with the story at hand?

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