Leslie Chance 

Trial proceedings in the Leslie Chance case are expected to start today after a mistrial was declared in her first trial earlier this year.

Chance, a former elementary school principal at Fairview Elementary School, is accused of killing her husband, Todd Chance, whose body was found Aug. 25, 2013, off a dirt section of Noriega Road near Enos Lane. If convicted, she could face life in prison.

Prosecutors say Chance drove with her husband to Noriega Road, shot him, then left his Ford Mustang in a southwest Bakersfield neighborhood. They allege she killed Todd Chance to collect hundreds of thousands of dollars in life insurance policies. 

Surveillance cameras spotted her at multiple locations as she tried to disguise herself while making her way home, according to prosecutors. Investigators believe Leslie Chance tried to cover her tracks through information she gained after attending a "CSI" exhibit in Las Vegas about two months before the killing.

Chance was arrested four days after her husband's body was found, but was released days later when prosecutors requested further inquiry from investigators with the Kern County Sheriff's Office. She was arrested again in December 2016.

Chance, who was principal at Fairview Elementary School during the time of the shooting, was expected to receive around $250,000 from her husband's life insurance policies, according to court documents.

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Wow must be “Breaking news “. Sunday trial ? Leave it to the local “news” to be right on top of things...

All Star

I'm confused. The headline and article says this trial is expected to get underway "today". It's Sunday afternoon. Since when did the courts start trials on Sunday?


The MasterMind Principal Chance. What a dunce. Go sit in the corner, Lady till I release you. Lol

$250k to risk life in prison? (tthe issue of taking a life obviously didn’t resonate with this genius)

You cannot outrun or dodge technology. CTTV will get ya every time. Every. Time. What a dummy.

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