The vice principal of McKee Middle School — arrested after a SWAT standoff last month — is accused of giving a teen girl alcohol then sexually assaulting her. 

Ector Pereida denied the allegations following his arrest June 18, but the victim's mother used her cell phone to record Pereida saying he felt bad for all the pain he'd caused, and he knew what he did was wrong, according to court documents. He said the incident marked the first time he molested a child, the documents say.

The documents indicate Pereida did not meet the victim through the school. 

The girl told Bakersfield police investigators that Pereida, 53, gave her several beers and a glass of wine one evening in mid-June. She said she vomited and laid down, and doesn't remember anything until waking up to find Pereida removing her underwear, according to the documents. 

She passed out again, and awoke to find Pereida molesting her, the documents say she told investigators. 

She said she "did not want this to happen and did not know why Pereida would have thought it was okay," according to the documents. She didn't tell him to stop or otherwise make him stop because she was scared, she told investigators. 

A warrant was issued for Pereida's arrest, and police arrived at his residence at about 5:30 a.m. in the 15500 Block of Via Bassano Drive in northeast Bakersfield. Pereida, who owns several guns, refused to open the door, and a standoff ensued.

A Bakersfield Police Department SWAT team was called out, and several residents were asked to leave the neighborhood for their safety, police said.

At about 9:30 a.m., the standoff ended when Pereida surrendered. 

He told police he didn't know why he had been arrested. Told of allegations against him, he said he shared a few beers with the girl but nothing inappropriate happened, according to the documents. 

Pereida justified not answering the door for police, "Because I am the way that I am, I figured 'well (expletive) it, they are going to take me in anyway, let's just (expletive) play around with this (expletive),'" the documents say. 

Charged with four felonies, he's next due in court Aug. 28. He's been placed on administrative leave from McKee pending the outcome of the investigation. 

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