Matthew Jensen is charged with first-degree murder in the stabbing death of his mother. 

Early Oct. 23, Barbara Jensen Teague tried to have an involuntary psychiatric hold placed on her 50-year-old son after noticing his increasingly strange behavior the past few days that culminated with him rambling about religious issues, court documents say. 

She was concerned for the mental well-being of her son, Matthew Jensen, who lived with her, but said she wasn't worried about her own safety as he hadn't been violent or threatening, the documents say she told Tehachapi police. 

Upon interviewing Jensen at a Tehachapi hospital, police found him to be calm and polite, according to the documents. He made some unusual comments, such as saying he solved the mystery of the Constitution, but said he didn't feel like hurting himself or anyone else.

A nurse told police Jensen earlier got out of bed and ran down the hallway yelling his mother needed to be saved, according to the documents. He also said his mother was dead.

Police recommended Teague take her son to a psychologist but saw no reason for further action, the documents say.

Hours later, Jensen crept into his 75-year-old mother's bedroom and stabbed her 42 times, according to the documents. 

Upon his arrest after fleeing to Mohave County, Ariz., Jensen told deputies he was under the influence of Russian mind control and had heard voices telling him to kill his mother. He said he hadn't slept in nine days. 

"I did what they told me," he told deputies. "I killed my own mother."

Jensen is being held on $1 million bail after pleading not guilty to first-degree murder. He's next due in court Jan. 17. 

He wore paper clothing at an earlier court appearance, an indication he was on suicide watch. The recently released court documents say arresting deputies in Arizona found deep cuts to Jensen's wrists and puncture wounds to his chest.

Mohave County sheriff's deputies were dispatched to a location off Interstate 40 after Jensen called 911 at 11:48 p.m. Oct. 23 and said he had killed his mother and was trying to kill himself, according to the documents. Arriving deputies saw Jensen's wrists were cut, his tendons and ligaments showing. He also appeared to have puncture wounds to his chest.

The Mohave deputies took him to a hospital and contacted the Kern County Sheriff's Office regarding what Jensen had said about his mother. Kern deputies arrived at Teague's house in the 19900 block of Luana Drive and discovered a grisly scene in the southwest bedroom: Teague's body lying in a bed amid blood-soaked sheets and pillows. 

A wooden-handled "SOG" knife with possible blood on it was found in a dresser in a northeast bedroom where Jensen slept, the documents say. A hospital wrist band with Jensen's name was on the floor near his bed. 

Deputies found a number of weapons in a safe in the garage: a Shinwa sword; Sig Sauer .380 handgun; Kimber Ultra Carry II handgun; Sturm Ruger M77 rifle; and a Taurus 9mm handgun.

While recovering at an Arizona hospital, Jensen told Kern investigators he had been "incredibly happy" while living with his mother for the past year, the documents say. 

But around 4:40 a.m. Oct. 23, Jensen said, he entered her bedroom armed with a knife and began stabbing her as she slept. He said she began thrashing around and yelled for him to stop, the documents say. He ignored her. 

"I kept going," Jensen told investigators.

After inflicting dozens of wounds, he washed the blood off his hands, loaded the family dog into his mother's silver 2007 Mazda sedan and began driving east with no particular destination in mind, he told investigators. 

Jensen said he later stopped off the highway in Arizona as his guilt overwhelmed him. He attempted to kill himself.

"I knew what I had done," the documents say he told investigators. 

Jensen was transported from Arizona to Bakersfield in mid-November and booked into the downtown jail. 

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I am 100% discusted and heartbroken by this article. I'm still trying to wrap my head around this entire chain of events. So...somebody please help me get this straight...

An elderly and defenseless Mother is uncomfortable enough in her own home and concerned enough about her Adult Son's bizarre behavior for her to seek protection from Local Law Enforcement, ultimately seeking Medical Intervention. Although he is "calm and polite" there was no red flags going off when he talked about solving the Constitution and running down the hospital floor screaming that his mother must be saved???
Please excuse my language but wtf???

How was the 5150 law not applied? Oh wait, because the Son, "said" he did not want to hurt anyone else or himself? Really? So you turn him loose to masequer his own mother just hours later??? This is a poster case for a system that failed this family miserably. Tragic is not a big enough word. The best you had to offer this poor lady and her mentally ill son was advice to "seek help from a Physiologist"? Are you Frick'n kidding me right now??? Have you ever tried to have an undiagnosed and / or untreated mentally ill family member in the throes of psychosis admit that thier thoughts are delusional let alone hop in the car with you to go see a Psychiatric Doctor? And even if you were so fortunate do you have the means to pay for that kind of treatment at best scrimping by on Social Security? And even if you did, at 75 years old do you even know the 1st thing about getting help for your adult son. Apparently this lady didnt know because she is DEAD!!!

Please understand, I am a law abiding citizen with the utmost respect for all Service Personell and Mr. Sherriff Youngblood you've personally had my every vote but this is nothing shy of a digrace to the Kern County Sherriffs Department, the Deputies and the Tehachipi Hospital. So how do you reconcile this in your head? I'm not being a SmartAss when I say, "I want to know"!!! Your supporters and this family deserve to know. Theres so many questions. Was there not enough beds available in the hospital? Was there not a Physcian on duty trained in Psychiatry? Were the responding Deputies hands tied by Bureaucratic Bullshit "Rights"? Were they not sufficiently trained in Mental illness, Specifically of the audio / visual delusional type? Is our Society as a whole still this under-educated on Mental Awareness? PLEASE tell me it is NOT a "FUNDING" matter! And if it is... There seriously needs to be a Mental Health Reform. An allotment to put those tax dollars at work for the ones whose lives have been shattered and suffering are from mental illnesses. Trust me when I say, "They didn't ask for this disease to afflict them no more than a Cancer Victom chooses Cancer". Left untreated its Brutal and in this case, fatal. It doesn't have to be that way. It's a chronic illness with no known cure but with ongoing treatment & access to the proper medications the person can become a productive member of society and a loving family member.

I am outraged and deeply saddened and would like answers. How did this happen and what procedures can be put into place going forward to prevent this from happening again?
Oh...and by the way Sherriff Youngblood the three day hold law is old and needs to be extended and I'll tell you why. When an untreated Mentally ill patient enters treatment 3 days is no where near enough time to stabilize the patient. It takes a minimum of 2 weeks and 30 days to recieve full benefit of Medications. Not only that but the 3 days they are there they keep them heavily sedated. Of coarse I'm not suggesting that everybody needs longer than 3 days but I'd strongly suggest the law mandates up to 30 days on a case by case study to be determined by the Treating Physcian.

Certainly I realize that you did not make the 5150 law but perhaps you could have some influence enacting change.

My prayers for this family, you and everyone involved in this tremendous tragedy.

Trish McKenzie

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