Questioned about attacking his mother and adult sisters with a hammer and knife, Victor Samir told police everything was a "blur" and denied striking anyone.

Detectives say in recently released court documents the 33-year-old Tadros had trouble sticking to one topic. He went on tangents about rape in jail, Mafia members masquerading as gardeners and his sexual exploits with Union Avenue prostitutes.

And while being treated at Kern Medical Center he blamed the attack on someone else. 

"Some fat guy broke into my house and raped my sister," the documents said Tadros told investigators. He also said a black male was responsible.

Tadros is being held on $1.5 million on charges including two counts of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon other than a firearm. He's scheduled for a competency hearing March 22.

Police were dispatched at about 10:50 p.m. Feb. 10 to a house on Vista Del Rancho Drive after a caller reported her sister had been stabbed and her mother was dead. The woman who reported the incident said she ran outside and called 911, according to the documents.  

Arriving officers said a woman reported her brother, Tadros, had hit her mother with a hammer and stabbed her sister.

The woman, whose named is redacted in the report, said Tadros had confronted a juvenile who was at a party across the street from their home. She said she and another person asked Tadros to return home and when they got back inside the house he asked them if they had called him "mental."

They denied it, the woman said. Tadros then attacked them, including repeatedly stabbing one of the women while she was on the ground.

One officer wrote  that when he arrived he saw a woman lying on the floor in the living room area near the front door.

"She appeared injured as she was face down, was not moving, and had a large amount of blood on the back of her head and around her," the officer wrote. He said there was a blade of a large kitchen knife on the floor underneath the woman and a broken black handle to a knife on the floor about 5 feet from her. 

One sister was so badly injured that investigators immediately tried to get a statement from her in case she died, the documents said. She told police her brother attacked her because "he's schizophrenic and off his meds."

Both she and Tadros' mother suffered severe facial and head trauma but survived, according to the documents. Tadros hit his mother in the head with a hammer and stabbed his sister in the head, causing skull fractures to both of them, the documents said.

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