Ayled Chavez at her arraignment in connection with the death of her 2-year-old son, Ramon Angel Reyes-Chavez.

On the night of April 24, a Bakersfield woman contacted police and reported her 2-year-old boy had been kidnapped.

She was walking south on Union Avenue with the boy in her arms when a black SUV occupied by two Hispanic men pulled up, she said. One of them got out, grabbed the boy and got back into the SUV, which sped off, according to her statement in court documents. 

Although Ayled Chavez, 19, provided details of a shocking encounter, police noticed she seemed calm and "lacking a deep concern for the well-being of her child," according to the documents released Wednesday. And there were no injuries to her indicating she struggled with the kidnapper as she described. 

She soon admitted to fabricating the kidnapping story. But it wasn't the last lie she told, the documents say. 

Her boyfriend of several months, Kaleb Kessinger, had taken the boy, she told police. She and Kessinger, 20, had been in an argument, she said, and when she got out of his car she left her child behind. 

Under further questioning, Chavez again changed her story. She said Kessinger had taken 2-year-old Ramon Angel Reyes-Chavez from her and threatened to kill the boy and harm her family if she told anyone. 

Even that wasn't true, according to investigators. 

Chavez and Kessinger are charged with first-degree murder in Ramon's death and face life terms in prison if convicted. 

The boy's body was found buried off a dirt trail in the Kern River Canyon. Investigators found "traumatic injuries throughout his body," according to a probable cause declaration.

After admitting to multiple lies, Chavez said she found out her son had been injured after leaving the boy in Kessinger's care while going out to dinner with a friend. Kessinger picked her up after dinner and took her to his residence, where Ramon was sleeping.

She checked on the boy and noticed injuries to his head and face, according to the documents. She asked what happened, and Kessinger told her he accidentally hit the child's head in his car door, she told police. 

Chavez said she wanted to take boy to the hospital, but Kessinger refused, saying he didn't want to go to prison. She insisted, and Kessinger — after threatening her and her family — eventually relented, she told investigators. They put Ramon in a car and started driving to a hospital.

The boy died while they were en route, she said in the documents. 

They returned to Kessinger's house, where she and Kessinger went inside and fell asleep. They left Ramon's body in the car, she said according to the documents.

After waking up, they drove into the canyon and dumped the body, she said. They left, but returned the same afternoon and Kessinger buried the boy. 

The morning of April 26, Chavez took detectives to where Ramon was buried, according to the documents. From Highway 178, investigators drove north on a dirt road for about half mile until they reached a dirt parking lot with a restroom.

Along a trail northeast of the restroom, investigators located an area they concluded was the burial site after finding adhesive bandages on a rock, a leaf on the ground near the rock with dried blood on it and dirt that had been disturbed. 

Ramon was found buried there, the documents say, clothed in a blue long-sleeve sweatshirt, black sweatpants, white socks and a diaper. 

Chavez was arrested.

Police had tried to contact Kessinger at his residence in the 3400 block of Nighthawk Lane on April 25. He fled when police arrived, leading officers on a chase that ended when he crashed near Calloway and Olive drives.

He ran from his car and eluded authorities for over a day, until police received a tip from someone on juvenile probation who informed them Kessinger had contacted him, according to court documents. Officers arrested Kessinger at a Travelodge on Oak Street the morning of April 27.

He resisted arrest, kicking at officers who then used batons and Tasers to take him into custody. 

At Kessinger's residence, investigators found a "dark red or brown stain" on the couch in the living room, the documents say. More reddish-brown stains were on the floor of a child's bedroom, and apparent blood spatter on the bedroom door, as well as on a wall in the living room. 

Chavez and Kessinger are due in court Thursday morning. 

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