Angry over an argument about his credit card, Jeremy Rapolla said he stabbed his mother and two brothers, intending to kill them, but insisted what he did wasn't wrong, according to court documents.

Rapolla, 23, told police he "hates the world," and if he succeeded in killing his family he would have ended their suffering. Raping and engaging in sex acts are "bad," Rapolla said, but not what he did.

In fact, he told investigators, he hadn't actually stabbed his mother, just a woman who was impersonating her through makeup. 

He said he used a knife because he "wanted to see what was inside their head," according to the documents.

Rapolla has pleaded not guilty to charges including attempted murder and assault with a weapon other than a firearm. Family members told investigators he's schizophrenic and wasn't taking his medication, the documents said. 

Police said Rapolla's mother, Rochelle Rapolla, was stabbed multiple times in the torso, and his brothers, ages 10 and 15, were stabbed in the head, according to police. The 10-year-old, Manuel Jacinto, suffered a wound that penetrated his skull.

Police received multiple calls — including from Jeremy Rapolla — at about 5:36 p.m. July 27 regarding stabbings at a residence in the 300 block of Donna Avenue. 

An officer was directed to the back of the residence, where he saw a woman, Rochelle Rapolla, crawling toward him, a hand clutched to her chest where blood was seeping.

"Help, help, my son has been stabbed," the documents said she told the officer. 

The officer went inside and found two boys sitting on a couch, one holding the other. Both were bleeding from wounds to their head.

Jeremy Rapolla wasn't there. A purple knife, 10 to 12 inches long and with blood on its blade, was found in the backyard, the documents said. 

A man who identified himself as Rochelle Rapolla's boyfriend said he heard screams from his bedroom and rushed out to find his girlfriend and two of his children wounded and Jeremy Rapolla running away, the documents said.

The man, Catarino Jacinto, said he chased Rapolla but couldn't catch him. 

Shortly afterward, police found Jeremy Rapolla walking north in an alley in the 200 block of Donna Avenue. Upon making eye contact with an officer, Rapolla slapped his hands to his chest and extended them upwards and outwards while yelling, "What's up," the documents said. 

Police ordered him to the ground and took him into custody.

While being driven to Bakersfield Police Department headquarters, Rapolla told an officer he tried to kill his family because his stepfather kicked him out of the house and his mom locked him out, the documents said.

"I just get mad and do bad things," he said, according to the documents. 

His mother told police he's been diagnosed as schizophrenic and was released from Patton State Hospital in March. She and other family members said he's been refusing to take prescribed medication for weeks. Sometimes he pretended to take the medication but didn't swallow it.

While the rest of the family was at a McDonald's earlier that evening, Rochelle Rapolla said, she received a call from Jeremy Rapolla saying he was locked out of the house and didn't have a key. She said they arrived home to find him sitting in a chair in the yard. 

They went inside, where Jeremy Rapolla complained about being hungry and sulked over not having a key, Rochelle Rapolla told investigators. She told him she'd give him her key, and he attacked her. 

Catarino Jacinto told investigators he suspects Jeremy Rapolla smokes methamphetamine. He said Jeremy Rapolla is in and out of the house at all hours, and he has seen smoke in the garage after Jeremy Rapolla has left it.  

Jeremy Rapolla hasn't previously been violent toward the children, Catarino Jacinto told investigators, but he tends to avoid the rest of the family.

He said Jeremy Rapolla is Rochelle Rapolla's son from a prior relationship, and he and Rochelle Rapolla have four children together. In addition to Justin Rapolla, the 15-year-old, and Manuel Jacinto, the couple have children ages 9 and 6, the documents said.

Police found the two youngest children screaming but unharmed at the residence. 

Asked if Jeremy Rapolla was a gang member, Catarino Jacinto responded, "Naw, he is a piece of (expletive) is what he is," the documents said. 

After taking Jeremy Rapolla to BPD headquarters, investigators placed him in an interview room by himself. They watched as he whispered incoherently, laughed, made strange noises and spoke in nonsensical languages, the documents said.

Sometimes he varied the tone of his voice, the documents said, so it appeared he was having a conversation with himself in two different voices.

Questioned by investigators, Rapolla changed his motive for the stabbings from being locked out of the house to an argument over his credit card, the documents said. He gave a bizarre interview in which he told detectives the world is a sick place and he hates it, and he finds young children especially evil because all they think about are games, cartoons and playing. 

He said there was nothing wrong with stabbing his family and he didn't believe he'd be convicted, the documents said. He also claimed he has an impostor who has spent time in Patton State Hospital, but he's never been there.

Upon listening to Rapolla's lengthy, disturbing diatribe, an investigator asked if there's anyone he loves. 

"I love those people," the documents said he responded, referring to his family.

He added, "I want them dead."

Rapolla is next due in court Aug. 24. 

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