Hilario Viruncruz during his arraignment in September 2018. 

A Bakersfield boy who agreed to help a stranger with what he believed would be yard work ended up in a struggle to escape after the man began sexually assaulting him, according to court documents.

Filed by Kern County sheriff's investigators, the documents provide new details in the kidnapping case against Hilario Viruncruz, 31, who was arrested two days after the east Bakersfield incident.

The boy, whose age is not given but who is under 14, told detectives he was walking north on Horace Mann Avenue near Niles Street the morning of Sept. 1 when he saw a man working under a pickup in a parking lot. The man asked the boy if he wanted to make some money by helping him out. 

The boy agreed, but said he had to tell his parents first. The man — later identified as Viruncruz — offered him a ride to his parents' home and gave him $20 after he got in the pickup, according to the boy's statement to investigators.

Soon afterward, the boy said he noticed they were headed in the wrong direction. He brought this to Viruncruz's attention, but Viruncruz said he needed to ask his brother about something. He then asked the boy about his shoe, shirt and pant size, according to the documents.

The boy said he became nervous and edged closer to the door. 

Parking next to an empty lot in the 3600 block of Balvicar Drive off Fairfax Road, Viruncruz said he ran out gas, the documents say. He asked the boy if he wanted a massage.

The boy said no several times, but Viruncruz began massaging the boy's neck and reached down the back of his shirt before the boy again told him no and pushed his hand away, according to the documents.

"Come on, it's okay," Viruncruz told him according to the documents.

Viruncruz then lifted the center console so there was more room in the front of the truck and asked the boy to lay down so he could massage him, the documents say. The boy again refused, and Viruncruz tried unbuckling the boy's belt, according to the documents. 

The boy pulled his belt tight but Viruncruz stuck his hand underneath the boy's pants, the documents say. 

There followed a brief struggle in which the boy said he managed to fight off Viruncruz and run to a nearby residence where he asked for help.

Investigators retrieved surveillance footage from a residence of the pickup the boy was in and sent the images out to local media. Two days after the incident, deputies dispatched to the area of Cliffwood Way and Derby Drive in northeast Bakersfield found a truck and trailer belonging to Viruncruz that matched surveillance images of the suspect vehicle. 

Interviewed by detectives, Viruncruz denied molesting the boy. He said he gave the boy a ride because he needed a lift to his aunt's house, according to the documents.

Viruncruz said the boy told him his father was on disability and asked for money, according to the documents. When they stopped on a street off Fairfax Road he took out his wallet to give the boy $20, but the boy tried grabbing the wallet. He said he grabbed the boy by the shirt and asked him what he was doing, but then let him go and the boy ran off. 

Married with a young son, Viruncruz said his wife is pregnant. He told detectives he's never been arrested before. 

Viruncruz is held on $1.5 million bail and is next due in court Oct. 22. 

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