Upon leaving an Oildale bar last month, Mary Holmes, Dyllan Denna and another woman gave a man a ride and began traveling to northeast Bakersfield when their pickup ran out of gas, according to court documents. 

While waiting for help to arrive, Holmes, 39, and the other woman "made out," the newly released documents said. Holmes noticed the man they picked up was watching them.

She became angry, as did the 32-year-old Denna. He beat the man, who walked away but returned a short time later, asking to use a phone, according to the documents.

At one point, the man was stabbed. His body was found the next morning lying in the center median in the 4400 block of Union Avenue, north of Columbus Street. 

Arrested days later, Denna and Holmes each accused the other of stabbing 48-year-old Jeffrey Alen Woodford, according to the documents. Each faces charges of first-degree murder and robbery.

The other woman, unnamed in the documents, was not charged. 

The arrests came after a man, whose name was not disclosed, called in a tip to authorities reporting he knew who killed Woodford the night of Oct. 21. 

The man said Denna, whom he described as his "street son," arrived at his residence with Holmes and the other woman to wash off blood, according to the documents. He said he was told Holmes stabbed the man in the stomach, and afterward his "guts were coming out."

The information regarding the wound and its severity was accurate and had not been released to the press, police said in the documents. 

The man told police Denna picked up a neighbor to help him move the body, but by the time they arrived police were already at the scene. He also said Denna and Holmes destroyed the man's cellphone, which they had removed from the body. 

Denna was arrested early Oct. 24 at a residence in the 900 block of Woodrow Avenue, police said. Holmes was taken into custody around 3:30 p.m. at a residence in the 1700 block of Jefferson Street.

Interviewed by police, Denna at first denied hitting Woodford, but later admitted he had a "physical altercation" with him, the documents said. He said Woodford walked away.

Holmes also left but came back a short time later, and Denna said he believed she stabbed Woodford, according to the documents.

Holmes told investigators she didn't witness the stabbing, according to the documents, but earlier saw Denna with a knife so she believed he killed Woodford. She accused Woodford of sexually gratifying himself while watching her and the other woman. 

And the other woman told police Holmes said she "had to stab (Woodford), he wouldn't shut up," the documents said.

Holmes and Denna are next due in court Jan. 23. 

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