Desmond Perry is charged with two counts of murder in a California City shooting. 

When Desmond Perry received a message from his cousin stating her boyfriend was "losing his mind" and threatening to kill her and her children,  he drove to her California City residence to help.

When Perry showed up, he was confronted by Michael Wiggins Jr., 39, at the front door. An argument ensued. 

Perry retrieved a Smith & Wesson M&P15 rifle — similar to an AR-15 — from the trunk of his car, according to court documents. Wiggins grabbed an air rifle.

Perry fired five rounds, according to the recently released documents filed by California City police. One round struck Wiggins in the chest, the others penetrated the home's front wall.

One of those rounds struck 12-year-old Trinity Wiggins in the back. She died at the scene. Michael Wiggins was flown to Antelope Valley Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. 

Authorities arrested Perry, 33, at an apartment building in Lancaster after he spent more than a week on the run. He's charged with two counts of first-degree murder and is set to be arraigned Friday.

New details contained in the court documents include that Trinity was apparently an unintended victim and Perry had shown up at the residence after his cousin, Trinity's mother, told him through Facebook Messenger her boyfriend had threatened to kill her and the children and burn down the house with them inside. 

The woman's name is redacted from the documents. 

Officers dispatched to the shooting around 7:30 p.m. July 22 found the mother crying hysterically with two young children near Trinity's body inside a residence in the 9000 block of Lupine Loop Drive, according to the documents.

Wiggins was found lying in a large pool of blood in a hallway. He told officers his name, where he was shot and that the shooter was "her cousin" before he began fading in and out of consciousness, the documents say.

A search of Perry's apartment in Acton turned up a single .223-caliber bullet casing in the bottom of the master bedroom closet, the documents say. Police gathered five expended .223-caliber casings at the scene of the shooting. 

Perry is being held without bail. Court records show no prior criminal charges against him in Kern County. 

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Misty Renee

if Mr Wiggins was dating trinity's mother is trinity his niece and share his last name( she is not his child) ..I realize that this doesn't negate the fact murder was committed, I am just curious as to how this all played out ..and that doesn't make since to me .


Sounds more like second degree murder, 1 count. Negligent homicide, 1 count. Negligent discharge of a firearm with bodily injury or death, 2 counts. Add-ons: leaving the scene of a crime, failure to render aid, evading arrest, fugitive escape. If he had stayed and explained to police what alledgedly happened, he might not be facing many of those charges.


What a horrible end to this story. While Perry should certainly answer for his behavior, I am thinking two counts of 1st degree murder seems odd, since the child was almost certainly not a pre-meditated, intentional murder. I imagine Perry will be haunted by knowing that one of his stray bullets killed her.

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