Bobby Scott Perigo enters a courtroom in Delano March 28 after being accused of having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student in the school district for which he works. Perigee has been charged with four felonies; he resigned from the Delano Joint Union High School District Friday.

A Delano High School security guard asked Juan Brito, a student affairs specialist on campus who was arrested in connection with a sexual misconduct case this year, to set him up with a female student, court filings released this week show.

Brito was arrested along with Bobby Scott Campos Perigo, a former Delano High student affairs specialist who is facing a string of charges alleging sexual misconduct with minors.

Police suspect Brito knew about Perigo’s relationships, but did not report them. The Kern County District Attorney’s office has not charged him. Brito resigned from the district April 29, district spokesman Tom DeLapp said.

DeLapp said the district would not “get into the weeds of the investigation” and comment on the specific matters surfacing in reports this week.

Perigo and Brito have repeatedly failed to respond to requests for comment about the case from The Californian.

The unnamed security guard told officers in March that Brito attempted to “hook” him up with female students, Delano police reports filed in Kern County Superior Court show. He couldn’t recall how many times Brito attempted to set him up, he told officers, but thought Brito was joking.

Despite that, he told police that he asked Brito to set him up with a senior by telling her “what’s up.” The security guard didn’t report it to police because he said he never went through with it.

Detectives questioned him after receiving a tip from an attendance office secretary that he was being too “touchy touchy” with female students. He was a chaperone at winter formal, but showed up drunk and was inappropriate with female students, the secretary told police.

The security guard, who was arrested but later released for insufficient grounds to file a complaint, told detectives that he didn’t know why he asked Brito to hook him up or why he didn’t report it, and said he was “stupid,” before invoking his Miranda rights.

In later interviews, the security guard told police he saw things that didn’t look right, such as a 17-year-old girl spending a lot of time in Perigo’s office, reports say. He told detectives that he knew that girl was in Perigo’s office without good reason and was likely truant because of those visits.

He never reported it to police or other administrators.

Perigo would later admit to carrying on a sexual relationship with that girl in police interviews.

The security guard also suggested that he was in a subordinate position to Brito and Perigo since they handled disciplinary matters for students.

DeLapp said that student affairs specialists have “no influence” over security guards, though they do work together.

The court filings released this week are the latest documents revealing how Brito allegedly attempted to cultivate a culture of sexual deviance with minors on campus. Perigo told police that Brito encouraged the relationship.

Brito started the whole thing, Perigo told detectives.

Documents also reveal a string of text messages March 12 between Brito and a 17-year-old girl with whom Perigo admitted to having a sexual relationship.

Brito told the girl that he and Perigo, who served as a baseball coach, blew off a game that afternoon, reports say. They say Brito, who was facilitating a night of drinking, told the girl he had to be home by 9:40 p.m. because his wife was waiting for him.

“I’m married,” Brito texted her. “For now." He continued, “I’m at work right now. So she thinks.”

The documents released this week also reveal that an anonymous caller tipped off police that Perigo carried on another consensual sexual relationship with a 16-year-old student.

The secretary told police that she noticed that girl spent an “inappropriate” amount of time in Brito’s office. She walked in on the two at 4:30 p.m. the week before spring break. The girl had her feet up on Brito’s desk.

The week before, she walked into Perigo’s office and found the 17-year-old girl there with two other male students who were on their phones and had their feet up on his desk. When she scolded them, Perigo asked: “Who are you? Are you the boss?”

Perigo has so far been charged with one count of oral copulation with a minor, one count of lewd and lascivious acts with a child under the age of 15 years old while being 10 years older, one count of harmful matter sent to a minor and one count of contacting a minor with intent to commit a sexual offense and three counts of unlawful sexual intercourse. 

He has pled not guilty, and is scheduled to appear in court again July 20.

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