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The Acura TL that struck protester Robert Forbes on California Avenue. The driver has reportedly died in Mexico, according to KGET-TV 17.

The man who struck a Black Lives Matter protester in downtown Bakersfield in early June, resulting in the protester's death, has reportedly died while in Mexico. 

KGET-TV 17 reported Wednesday evening that the man's sister confirmed that he died Saturday in Baja, Mexico. 

KGET also cited a GoFundMe Page that was created by the sister to help return her brother's body to the United States. 

Robert Forbes, 56, was struck by a motorist while demonstrating with Black Lives Matter protesters on California Avenue on June 3. He died in the hospital several days later. 

The Bakersfield Police Department announced the day after Forbes was struck that his presence in the roadway was the primary reason for the collision. Witnesses at the protest objected and the police later reversed course and said the investigation has remained open.

Amar Shergill, an attorney for the Forbes' family, said Wednesday night that he was aware of the GoFundMe page reporting the man's death but is seeking confirmation from Bakersfield Police.

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(9) comments

Martha Elias

Karma will always get you.


His sister reported his death? Shouldn't it be someone a little more, I don't know, official? May he rest in peace, or whatever.


How do we even know it's true? Is he afraid of being prosecuted?


Such a shame.........


Truth is always stranger than fiction.


Yes, look at Biden-Harris....truly fiction and very strange..

All Star

The attorney is awaiting confirmation from BPD? Huh? BPD has no involvement in notifying anyone about this mans death.


What? Wait! I saw a movie where the local detective called his “counterpart” in Mexico, and was able to get the information he needed in a matter of days - just like every CSI I’ve ever seen shows a three hour turnaround on DNA results. You’re probably going to claim that doesn’t happen, either.

Masked 2020

Karma.... Bad JuJu

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