Flavor Flav

No, boyeeee!

That's essentially the variation of the catch phrase of rap legend Flavor Flav that Bakersfield resident Brooke "Pumkin" Thompson heard last Sunday.

It was the second-to-last episode of the VH1 reality dating show, "Flavor of Love," where 20 contestants vied for the chance to be the rap star's girlfriend.

Thompson, 25, made it to the final three, but she was bounced off the show last Sunday because Flavor didn't like her habit of appearing on TV -- she had appeared on "Family Feud" and the MTV show "Next," among others.

With the final episode airing tonight -- and a "reunion" episode appearing next week -- Thompson stopped by The Californiannewsroom talk about her experiences.

"Reality TV is so not real," she said.

While Thompson doesn't regret appearing on the show and wasn't looking for love with the eccentric, gold-toothed rapper, she was surprised to see some of the more salacious moments involving her to be trumped up.

Of course, anyone who saw her exit from the show knows the incident where she spat in the face of fellow contestant "New York."

But guess what?

It was staged -- and digitally enhanced, Thompson said.

"I do not spit on people," she said. She was told by producers that she would be leaving before the episode was filmed, and told her to give them a "big ending." She asked what kind of an ending they wanted, and they suggested spitting.

So she spat, but not how it appears on screen.

"When girls spit, it goes everywhere," she said. Because she didn't produce an effective spray for the cameras, some special effects were added after the fact to make it seem more substantial, she said.

Another titillating moment during the season was manipulated, Thompson said. At one point, during a lie-detector test, she was asked if she ever slept with anyone on a reality show. She said, "No."

When the episode appeared, it had been edited to have her say "yes."

All in all, though, she's pleased with the experience, especially since she didn't have to end up dating Mr. Flav., whom she said she was never attracted to.

The ratings for the show were so high, Thompson said, that "Flavor of Love 2" has already been given the green light.

While Thompson won't be on that show, she has auditioned for another reality show patterned after the "Real World-Road Rules Challenge" reality game show. She also has been asked if she'd be willing to be in a future season of "The Surreal Life," where B-list celebrities are filmed in a "Real World"-style situation.

Thompson has been invited to a party at the Playboy Mansion this month, and she plans on attending the wedding of fellow VH1 reality-show stars Adrianne Curry of "America's Next Top Model" and Christopher Knight, better known as Peter Brady from "The Brady Bunch."

For now, Thompson continues to work as a substitute teacher. It's getting harder and harder to not be recognized, because the show has proven to be popular with the high-school and even junior-high set.

At one point, she said, she was told by a Kern High School District rep to deny she was on the show to students. But her cover was blown when a fellow teacher blurted it out when Thompson was in front of her students.

Of course, even teachers watch the popular show.

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