The developer proposing twin five-story buildings at Coffee Road and Stockdale Highway plans to present his plan to the community at a meeting set for 5:30 p.m. Monday at St John's Lutheran Church, 4500 Buena Vista Road.

Real estate developer David Moon knew a lot about building student housing, having developed off-campus dormitory projects next to California …

A meeting on the project had been scheduled for March 4 but was cancelled by the church that had agreed to host it. Dorms project developer David Moon, president of Monterey-based Coleraine Capital Group Inc., said the venue for Monday's meeting has a seating capacity of 200 and that he reserved the space for two hours.

Because the first meeting was canceled, Moon offered to ask for, and won, a postponement of Bakersfield's Board of Zoning Adjustment, which had been scheduled March 12 to consider granting the project a conditional use permit. That meeting is now tentatively set for April 9.

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Is there a public petition against this development that can be signed? I am on a business trip but definitely opposed to this project on a number of fronts. (Density, traffic, 24 hour activity- parties from Co-Ed’s, non-conforming name a few).

Muhammad Fatwa al Jihad

JR, read the article again from start to finish. The empty lot to the south between there and Stockdale Highway. That’s the proposed dorms.


If this is the large two-story complex across the street from Town and Country shopping center, then it's already started and what good does going to a Town Hall Meeting do. If that's not the student dorm project, that's good, but whatever it is, is still a blight on what was a rare thing in Bakersfield, something with charm and quality, like the Town and Country mall on the corner of Stockdale and Coffee. In fact, that whole new addition across from the center with the huge 20+ island gas station and those franchise "restaurants" whose exteriors look like public restrooms are hideous and a blight on what once was a pretty little oasis in this city. Whoever got paid off to approve that ugly project should be ashamed of themselves. It has made Bakersfield look like a junky stop off the freeway.

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