The Kern County Public Health Services Department reported Saturday there are 65 new coronavirus cases.

There are now a total of 3,205 people who have tested positive in Kern. 

The number of deaths remains at 53.

Males make up 48.1 percent of the cases; females are 51.9 percent.

Here is the age breakdown: 339 cases are among those ages 17 and under; 1,790 cases are among those ages 18 to 49; 685 cases are among those ages 50 to 64; and 381 cases are among those ages 65 and older.

A total of 35,142 tests have come back negative, while the results of 780 are pending.

You can see all available county data at

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False Positives are on the rise.

Masked 2020

my neighbors must of rented a 3 story bouncy house cheap....... a event that has evolved into drunkin karaoke... not the finest baritones ... definitely not ready for America's got talent.... Matt and Michelle might want to come on over and get a few may be a super spreader event........ the old and fragile might want to wear a N95 mask if their planning to shop at Vallarta's in 2 weeks.....

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Yes, more veiled racism from Yuckies- color me not shocked...


Don’t pay attention to just about anything ‘deeb or it’s sand bagger buddy yuckies writes. Read this article if you want some factual information,


Researchers in Florida say they believe they have shown that the new coronavirus has mutated in a way that makes it more easily infect human cells.

They say more research is needed to show whether the change has altered the course of the pandemic, but at least one researcher not involved in the study says it likely has, and the changes may explain why the virus has caused so many infections in the United States and Latin America.

It's a mutation that scientists have been worried about for weeks.

Independent Voter





The World Health Organization said the mutations seen so far in the coronavirus would not affect the efficacy of vaccines under development. The WHO also said the mutations have not made it more easily transmissible, nor have they made the virus more likely to cause serious illness.


Your King defunded the WHO, criticized the WHO, and now you are quoting them? Unbelievable! Wait for the King Trump tweet @VERITASTRAITOR


I have never been a supporter of Trump, ask the Republican/Trump supporters on here. What I don’t support and will speak up against are trolls like you and your leftist brothers and sisters on here. You either like to stir the pot just for giggles, or if you truly believe most of what you write you are unamerican. Not to mention the fact that the 3 main ones of the leftist bunch, of which you are one, are very racist and bigoted. People like you are why America is in dire straits.

Masked 2020

when I was in training with the Jarheads in the horrible humidity and heat of Fort Augusta...the picture prefect Marine walked up to the huge Army room fan and touched it and sliced off all his fingers...weren't you a Marine..... maybe you knew him..........ooh rah

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Yuckies, I can see why you love Biden so much- your rambling off-topic post could've easily been written by Joe.

Way to keep setting the bar higher for your side...


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Masked 2020

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You're crazy. That dude is smokin hot. And Maddow is the best on TV.

Now Hannity and Carslon, there's some mental problems there.

Masked 2020

that's a given...... I'm just saying Chris doesn't seem as sharp post Covid as he was pre Covid....missing a beat at times...... Covid messed with the circulation from his toes to his brain lobes.....its subtle but its there.....those fever spikes cooked him....he is not neatly as cocky as he was before the pandemic sent him to the basement...


Chris Cuomo is an idiot, just like his dad was and his brother is. Rachel is way smarter than all the three of them combined.


Chris and his dad won by landslides, served in federal government, and they are idiots yet King Trump is not an idiot? Oh, you must have got your green card BEFORE the king became king.


What was it that Chris won by a landslide?


Poor casones, wrong again. As Lamonster stated, Chris Cuomo has never been in a government position. Mario Cuomo never served in the federal government, New York State only, and only won because of his mob ties. If you don’t know what your talking about you might want to keep your mouth shut, lest you look foolish, as in this case.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

@cajones, Mario ran four times and was 3-1, however, only once (against a pitifully weak opponent) did he win by a "landslide". His other two victories included a split Republican vote and a win by less than 4%.

Want to discuss landslides? Google "Reagan/Mondale 1984", paying close attention to the number of electors (which technically define an election landslide) for each...

While you're at it, and to show that I'm always willing to give equal credit when due, you can also check out LBJ vs. Goldwater in 1964...

You're welcome...


So scientists think the virus has mutated to a strain that's 10 times more contagious than the original.

But the virus doesn't want to kill its victims because dead people cant help spread it. But the debilitating effects of it can be long lasting.


I'll stay in thanks.

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