Sabrina Limon, on trial for murder in the shooting death her husband, Robert Limon.

The prosecution in Sabrina Limon's murder trial rested its case Wednesday after calling dozens of witnesses to the stand and presenting evidence including tens of hours of wiretapped phone calls it says show she conspired with her former lover in killing her husband in Tehachapi three years ago. 

The defense begins presenting its case Thursday, the trial's 13th day. Attorney Richard Terry is expected to call witnesses bolstering his claim Limon, 37, didn't know about Jonathan Hearn's plan to kill her husband and had nothing to do with his death.

Terry has not indicated whether Limon will testify.

Hearn, 27, took the stand earlier in the trial and testified he and Limon, with whom he'd been carrying on a years-long affair, plotted her husband's death before he gunned him down at a Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway office. 

In a Nov. 20, 2014, interview at the downtown jail, two days after her arrest, a tearful Limon admits lying to investigators about whether she knew Hearn killed her husband, Robert Limon. 

She says she knew Hearn was the killer "not that long" after the shooting occurred, according to a recording of the interview played for the jury Wednesday. She didn't pinpoint exactly how much time passed, but said she could tell from Hearn's behavior that he'd done it. 

"I let him know where Robert worked," she says. "I didn't know that he was going there that day to do that, but I figured it out."

She denies in the recording having discussions with Hearn, even playfully, about killing 38-year-old Robert Limon, or that Hearn told her he'd carried out the deed. She says she told Hearn where her husband worked in passing.

"What is wrong with my brain?" she says. "What is wrong with me? I love my family. I had a good life."

Why not come forward with her suspicions? She didn't want her love life to become public, she says in the recording. She and Robert Limon had an open marriage with multiple sexual partners, and she'd tried to hide her affair with Hearn. 

Sabrina Limon admits she started building a future with Hearn after Robert Limon's death. They planned to "follow the Bible" as they raised her children.

The detectives play several wiretapped calls for her during the interview. In each one, she passes along information to Hearn regarding the investigation, and Hearn responds by praying.

"God please help us," he says in one recording after Sabrina Limon tells him she has a meeting scheduled with the lead investigator in the case. He asks for God to let her "have the right words" during her interview.

Sabrina Limon says she knew at that time, a couple weeks before her arrest, that Hearn had killed her husband. She says Hearn coached her on what to say to detectives. 

Near the end of the interview, Sabrina Limon asks about her two children and what's next for her. A detective tells her she'll have a say in what happens to them. 

"Will I be here a long time?" she asks.

"I don't know," a detective responds.

As with prior recordings, Terry honed in on the fact Limon maintains her assertion Hearn never told her about his plans or admitted he killed her husband. Terry has argued Hearn's word is the only evidence against his client.

Hearn has testified he and Limon first attempted to poison her husband with arsenic-laced banana pudding but aborted the plan over fear of getting caught. Months later, Hearn drove to a Tehachapi BNSF office where Robert Limon was working Aug. 17, 2014, and shot 38-year-old Robert Limon to death. 

Sabrina Limon provided him with directions to the office, Hearn said, and told him Robert Limon was working there that day. 

Hearn agreed to testify in exchange for a prison sentence of 25 years and four months. He spent more than two years in jail while Sabrina Limon was free after being released due to insufficient evidence.

It wasn't until Hearn told investigators where to find the poison and about Sabrina Limon's role in the killing that she was rearrested in January of this year. 

If convicted, she faces life in prison. 

The trial resumes at 9 a.m.

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