Sheer white canopies are draped in the county administrative building, and gold-gilded chairs are stacked in the rotunda in preparation for an "invitation-only" event scheduled for this afternoon.

According to county of Kern spokeswoman Megan Person, a swearing-in ceremony for newly elected Kern County District Attorney Cynthia Zimmer is scheduled for 4 p.m.

Person and other county government sources said the ceremony will take place in the county Board of Supervisors chambers, and a reception will be held immediately following in the rotunda, or lobby area directly outside the chambers.

There's one small twist, however,

According to Deputy District Attorney Joseph Kinzel, a newly appointed public information officer for the D.A.'s office, Zimmer took the oath of office on Thanksgiving Day — more than six weeks before her actual start-date in early January.

She was sworn in at her parents' house, Kinzel said. But she didn't officially become district attorney until Monday at 12:01 p.m.

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Lisa . . . ? Are you there, Good Lady . . . ? Always had the deepest respect for you . . . !

She Dee

Can you please define "ELABORATE"? Is this article about the cost of the swearing in ceremony, the finish on the chairs, or the date it is occurring? I doubt this would be elaborate in any other city. But I guess it's all about what a person is exposed to over the course of their lifetimes. Seems like a petty article to me.


Seems like a waste of money. Especially if it is taxpayer-funded.


If you think THIS is lavish, wait until you see all the great, grand & amazingly careless things the city & county do with our tax dollars when they start reeling in the new money from the fraudulently “won” 1% Sales Tax INCREASE plotted & pushed on the county. You’ll see new renovations to to Administrative offices & buildings; stratusferic PAY INCREASES for managers, directors, consultants and “special project” personnel; new fleet vehicles for the same; VIP dinners, parties, celebrations and travel for “training purposes.” Yeah, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Oh, all except for continuing to see the deteriorating infrastructure that the tax money WAS SUPPOSED TO BE USED FOR. Kern County has become LA County in the eyes of its leaders. Just a money pit.


That’s what I call poor taste. The county has been slashing budgets for years and Mrs. Zimmer throws a lavish bash. Great start to your term, Cynthia!

Native J

What an incredible waste of taxpayer resources! I don’t think the County taxpayers built the administrative center so that elected officials could have a party venue. Even if Ms. Zimmer is paying for the party out of her campaign funds rather than her department budget, it’s still incredibly poor judgement on her part.


Wow!. Meanwhile the sheriff's office is short of funds. Is this sort of glitz normal?


What a waste of time and money.... Looks like the new regime is already spending it...

Concerned Citizen of Bakersfield

The swearing at ceremony by loser Spielman began the night of the election when he was beaten like a drum

Native J

Sorry, but I missed your point, What does the new DA using a public building for a private event, during County business hours, interrupting County employees and members of the public trying to get County services, have to do with her political opponent. I can only hope Ms. Zimmer exercises better judgement in the courtroom than she does outside the courtroom.

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