Monsignor Craig Harrison

Monsignor Craig Harrison

A prayer vigil in support of St. Francis Church Monsignor Craig Harrison will be held on Wednesday.

The vigil will be at 6 p.m. at the church, 900 H St. Harrison is currently on paid administrative leave with the Archdiocese of Fresno due to an investigation into multiple sexual misconduct claims against him.

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I'm sure the prayer vigil will be just that. Prayer for all involved. We are all free to pick our worship and how we worship. Beware of "organizations" who prey on these types of situations. Do these things happen? Absolutely. Are victims always truthful? No. Are the priests always innocent? No SNAP also is no stranger to lies and deceit in the name of its mission They have had apologize and pay damages to priests who were targeted.

If you don't believe it Google it. AND

If you are abused PLEASE seek help. But go to a trained profession and law enforcement who can help you. Don't seek out an organizations like SNAP who instantaneously pronounce judgment upon any allegation.

And pray. If you don't believe in prayer, that is your choice. Pray that no one is ever abused. By anyone. Pray that everyone and those they love are never abused nor the target of false allegations. Pray that victims receive justice and the criminals receive the due process that is laid out by the justice system. As for final judgment, that is in the control of God for both the accused and the accuser. The sinner in these scenarios will ultimately answer to God. All in all, nobody knows the absolute truth about anything except for the person who is raising the allegations, the person who is targeted, and God.


Is the vigil for the truth to come out completely? What about the alleged victims?
I pray that God would not take sides however take over this situation. The truth needs to be known.


Let's hope that anyone who may have knowledge or may have been harmed by Monsignor Craig Harrison will find the courage to come forward and contact law enforcement no matter how long ago it happened. Keep in mind that silence only hurts but by speaking up there is a chance for healing and protecting others today.
Judy Jones, SNAP "Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests" 636-433-2511,


Interesting comments however, lopsided. Prayer is for one main purpose, to seek the Lords Devine will to be accomplished in this matter. He provides the Grace & Mercy to the accuser & the accused. The prayer to be prayed is: “Lord thy will, not mine to be done.” The actual truth will be made plain. Every accuser and every accused is to be presumed innocent of wrong doing until proven guilty.
Guilty of not telling the complete truth on either side.
The Bible’s clear “ Be certain your sins will find you out.”


If anyone else has been allegedly abused by this priest, contact the police and the AG. You can also contact SNAP.

Fram Smith

How can anyone support or not support this man, without the results of a law enforcement investigation? Better to meet at 6 PM tonight to talk about priests and nuns being able to get married if they fall in love- and how you can still do God's work, and be married too. Many have forgotten what the Calvinist Revolution and the break away from Catholicism was all about- I haven't. Would not it be best for everyone to say and do nothing; trust the law enforcement community to do their job- give them the time and space to do a professional investigation. It is just a suggestion.


Really, do you think people have a neutral position or opinion. A Parish, Church is going to support their Priest. Just as the accusers family, Parish should support their family member. Like wise accuser activists will take a position or opinion. Such as Snap has done as listed here. Praying for Gods will to be done is the correct position and puts all whom pray on the right side. “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”


What about the victims... are you people sick??


And a vigil will accomplish....?

Concerned Citizen of Bakersfield

There are at least two local victims currently talking to SNAP about coming forward...this priest is a MONSTER

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