Bakersfield City Council candidate Ryan Nance will run to replace Jeff Tkac in the Ward 5 seat left open by Tkac’s death.

Ryan Nance, late Sunday, announced his intention to run on June 6 for the Ward 5 council seat left open by the death of Councilman Jeff Tkac earlier this month.

“After careful deliberation with my wife, children, and close advisers, we have decided to offer our credentials to the community and fill the Bakersfield City Council, Ward 5, vacancy. We look forward to connecting again with the residents of Ward 5.”

In November Nance came in third place in the Ward 5 race, falling 348 votes behind sitting Bakersfield City Councilman Harold Hanson in the three person race.

Tkac, a long-time Bakersfield Planning Commission member and volunteer Bakersfield Police officer, won handily with 51.9 percent of the vote.

But Tkac died on Jan. 5 from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, leaving nearly all of his four year term open.

Last week the Bakersfield City Council voted to fill the rest of that term through a special election on June 6.

Nance is a local construction professional and a leader with the United Brotherhood of Carpenters. He grew up locally, part of a trades family, and graduated from Foothill High School and Bakersfield College.

Nance is a registered Republican, though the city council seat is non-partisan. He is married with two sons.

Nance’s intention to run for the Ward 5 seat was released in a statement from the Ryan Nance for Bakersfield City Council Campaign to the press Sunday.

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Nance is the president of a local labor union and his candidacy in the past has centered around positions like "prevailing wage" requirements that many Republicans in Ward 5 would not consider to be Republican positions.

To be objective, the Californian should add to future reporting that many Republicans do not consider Nance one of their own, that much of the discussion during last cycle's contest involved Nance's intentional or unintentional ideological confusion, and that he is rumored to have selected a liberal Democrat as his campaign manager. Without that context, it is misleading to simply report that he is a "Republican."

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