Seeking to help sweep the blue wave over Bakersfield, Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom stopped by Bakersfield briefly on Tuesday evening to stump for candidates Melissa Hurtado and TJ Cox.

Newsom is facing off against Republican John Cox, a businessman from San Diego, for state governor.

He leads most polls, according to the website, and gave a speech at the Kern, Inyo and Mono Counties Central Labor Council in an effort to fire up Democratic volunteers in the final days of the campaign season.

At stake is his own election to governor of California as well as a potential Democratic takeover of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Newsom made it clear that he hoped TJ Cox, who is running for the 21st Congressional District against David Valadao, would be among the Democrats to take a seat from a Republican incumbent.

“Let’s not wake up on Nov. 7, blurry-eyed, and pick up the morning newspaper and read that we got 22 seats back in Congress and we ran one short,” Newsom said. “Let’s not dream of regretting. Let’s do everything in our power to get TJ back to Washington D.C.”

An agitator yelled "you're full of crap," to Newsom repeatedly before being removed from the hall. The outburst did not ruffle the lieutenant governor.

Newsom’s challenger, John Cox, is aiming to spoil Newsom’s party on Election Day. He will be making several stops throughout the Central Valley in the coming week, including Bakersfield.

Cox has run on the platform of getting the state’s cost of living under control.

For his part, Newsom said at the event that housing affordability and homelessness were among his biggest priorities.

TJ Cox, an engineer and small businessman from Fresno, also kept the theme of bringing change back to the nation’s capital.

“We are going to bring the decency, and the integrity, and the common sense of the people back to out congress,” he said.

Hurtado, a Sanger city councilwoman running for the state’s 14th Senate District against Hanford Republican Andy Vidak, introduced Cox to the crowd.

She hopes to swing the State Senate even more blue.

“We need people that can get things done,” she said during her speech. “Because we are tired of the status quo.”

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Come on John Cox! You have to win. Ca needs to go RED.



The only other real dilemma for Lt. Gov & US Sen. is characterized by this Russell Crowe conversation in "Master And Commander":


The only 'blue wave' happening is the one that will finally swamp and sink the Newsom (D)-boat. Thank the Good Lord there's no family ties between T. J. Cox and our next governor, John Cox. MAGA and Make California Great Again . . . !

Semper Fi . . . !


Thank God I live in CA home of the resistance! Even though I have to endure Kern Co. Politics I love that I live in the state that stands up to the Party of Trump. Thanks Gavin!


You're yanking that thing a little too hard....


Moardeeb - Agreed 1000%. And it won't be too long before you live in a COUNTY that stands up to Trump. He only got 55% of the vote last time, and there are more anti-McCarthy signs out than ever. I suspect 2020 will make Trumpers crawl back into their holes (and their 3,000 sq. ft. Haggin Oaks estates). When all these voter drives tap into the East side of town and true representation takes hold here, we'll see a major shift in politics in Kern County. We're in a majority Mexican city in CA. Democrats can win.


So,...what you're saying is, Mexicans are stupid and lazy? That's the only reason I can see that they would vote for Democrats. People who want to work hard and participate in the best economy in decades will vote RED across the board.

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