Congressman Kevin McCarthy, who is staring down a monumental election, will not be in Bakersfield today as he usually is on Election Day. He flew this morning from Bakersfield to Washington D.C., his spokesman Matt Sparks said.

He will be in D.C. "to help candidates and the overall effort to hold the House majority. He voted earlier."

McCarthy was not in Bakersfield for the 2012 election either, Sparks said.

McCarthy should coast to victory in his own race for the 23rd Congressional District against Tatiana Matta, a Democrat who lives on Edwards Air Force Base. In eight general election campaigns over 16 years, going all the way back to his two terms in the California Assembly, McCarthy has never taken less than two-thirds of the vote.

Of greater significance to him is what happens in the House of Representatives. If Republicans retain control of the House of Representatives, where they've held power since 2010, McCarthy is very likely to become the next speaker of the House, succeeding Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.

Without a doubt, it's a big day for him.

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Well cannot say I am going to cry. What has he really done up here? Not much at all. I voted all RED had no choice but to vote for that vile Frankenstein to keep De Leon out. We cannot even get a Rep on the ticket. I left McCarthy blank and the other Dem running against him.


he is gone already.... come election, he shows his face...

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