Kern County voters rejected all three marijuana ballot measures on Tuesday. In this file photo, the One Drop Collective marijuana dispensary at 107 17th St. which closed last year.

Two marijuana ballot measures were resoundingly rejected by Kern County voters on Tuesday, with another appearing to lose by a narrow margin.

Measure J, which would have legalized medical marijuana dispensaries in the unincorporated areas of Kern County, fell well short. With all precincts reporting, 62 percent of voters rejected the measure while 38 percent supported it.  

Another unincorporated county measure, Measure K, which would have legalized both recreational and medical dispensaries, lost by 54 to 46 percent.

The lone Bakersfield measure, Measure O, also failed to pass muster, 55 percent to 45 percent. 

The three ballot measures asked voters to rescind bans on marijuana dispensaries in Kern County and the city of Bakersfield.

Measure J was brought forward by medical marijuana activists Jeff Jarvis and Heather Epps with local group Kern Citizens for Patient Rights, aside from rescinding the ban on medical marijuana dispensaries, it would have levied a 7.5 percent business tax to be levied on the dispensaries.

Measure K was largely funded by an industrial real estate investment group from Pacific Palisades-based Industrial Partners Group. It offered slightly more restrictive zoning rules than Measure J, while capping the amount of dispensaries at 35..

It would have created two zones along Interstate 5 for cultivation, processing and distribution facilities, and it would have applied a 5 percent gross receipts tax on any marijuana business including dispensaries.

Measure O was also brought to voters by Jarvis, Epps and the Kern Citizens for Patient Rights. It would have allowed medical marijuana dispensaries to operate within the city limits, applying a 7.5 percent business tax on dispensaries.

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Aeos von Moonraker

Thank you. Nothing more.


Cannabis users need to reject Kern back. All cannabis users should consider this a free pass to litter, cut people off in traffic and treat your bigoted neighbors like the garbage that they are without any moral degradation. After all, they just hurt you, selfishly and needlessly. Well played Kern.


Grow up whiner.


"Bodysnatcher" says grow up lol. Such a well articulated retort too... I stand corrected. Gotta love Irony.

The Jackal

It's a sad day for veterans and patients who suffer and were the ultimate losers caught in between the greed of politicians and special interests. Measure J and measure K were special interest monopolies.

But measure O, which should have never been associated with that crook Philip Ganong, was actually a fair ballot measure that was incredibly expensive and difficult to get on the ballot. It would have protected safe access for veterans and patients in addition to reducing crime and being fair and sensible regulations.

With the legal and political turmoil it didn't receive enough promotional effort. Hopefully it passes.

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