The city of Bakersfield may yet see a sales tax increase. Measure N, the ballot measure to increase the sales tax 1 percent, appeared to be within just 14 votes of passing late Monday following another update from Kern County Elections. 

Approximately 50.01 percent of voters opposed the sales tax increase and 49.99 were in favor after the latest update posted Monday afternoon. That's 45,576 votes opposed and 45,563 votes in favor. The measure needs a simple majority to win. The county continues to count ballots but it's not clear at this point how many remain.

On Election Night, results showed the measure failing by more than 1,500 votes.

"We're monitoring the election count... and it's kind of a remarkable circumstance," said City Manager Alan Tandy, noting that out of more than 90,000 votes cast it has come down to just more than a dozen votes.  

But results could change in the coming days as more ballots are counted. 

With Measure N, city officials said they could hire 100 additional police officers, recreate a staff to promote economic development, tackle homelessness and restore firefighters cuts that happened several years ago.

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This is a great lesson to those who say their vote doesn't count.

Message to right wing trolls: No, there's no voter fraud! Only the ignorant and ideologically motivated among us and who choose to not learn how the election process works would make such a false statement.

Those on this discussion thread who, not liking the anticipated outcome, are claiming voter fraud speak from shamefully inexcusable ignorance! They owe our local election officials an apology. But I’m not holding my breath.


Interesting. Massive voter fraud and now it is so close to passing. Where are the FEDS when Ca. needs them? There is no shame with the Democrats at all.


@Sheebe - What is your source that there is massive voter fraud? Please share.


Sounds like the Democratic Party is in charge of the vote count. Keep counting , find more "missing" ballots , have a few more illegals vote and eventually the city will get the outcome they are hoping for.


@CTurk3 - Hold on. You think there is a vast liberal conspiracy in BAKERSFIELD to rig the vote? Come on, man...


How misinformed can this obviously crybaby Republican be? Repubs have long out numbered Dems in Bako. Don't believe my statement? Check out this page


Bakersfield........City of Bell


Just who are these people voting for a tax increase? Do they not understand that an increase in taxes will never decrease? Don’t they understand anything about fiscal responsibility? Are these the same people gullible enough to believe 18% is the new 15% in tips? This is just insane to think we have half of people willing to hand out more of their hard earned income. Maybe they can pay the share of people opposing tax increase.


@CaSooner - I voted for the tax increase because our police department is underfunded. And because I trust our local government - some of them, mind you - to make good decisions. When the police ask for more money and cite the incredibly underfunded nature of the department, then I'm inclined to contribute an extra 1%.


THIS IS A TRAVESTY!! There is something serious amiss, even criminal, about having such election flipping THREE WEEKS after the election! The people spoke...ON NOVEMBER 6th!! There needs to be Federal intervention on a nationwide basis to investigate this rampant voter fraud going on. This county is duping its citizens & taxpaying voters. Measure N FAILED. The city is conveniently stretchingthe voting out hoping voters are no longer watching so they can slap this unjust tax hike on us. It’s all a fraud people! GET MAD, you’re being screwed over!!


Omg, plus they must have no idea how many ballots are left to count? They seem to count a few a day? Really? They will count until the are one or two ahead and win, now this is sad.

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