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A majority of Kern ballots from election night have been counted, but a sizable amount of votes remained outstanding Wednesday and could affect outcomes for candidates separated by a thin margin, according to the county elections office.

Months of campaigning will culminate Tuesday with a statewide primary election that could decide a number of Kern County seats while also deciding finalists for a series of state and federal runoffs coming this fall.

When Ashley Raveche and her husband bought their home in Mill Valley, they thought they were doing everything right. The 1,300 square foot house already had vents with screens that make it harder for embers to get in and a tar and gravel roof, top-rated for fire safety. They installed double…

The campaign to expand free tuition to more low-income California students has been riding a wave of unanimous goodwill, despite its large costs. But the state’s — and nation’s — largest public university system has made public its concern that key trade-offs required for that expansion will…

If you haven’t noticed, your mail carrier certainly has: Election season has arrived in California and with it, the regular flood of political ads from unions, corporations and other special interest groups hoping to influence your vote.

California lawmakers won’t be creating a state Election Day holiday this year. Nor will they be providing grants to local governments to convert public golf courses into affordable housing, or forcing health insurers to cover fertility treatments.

Kern County's lawsuit challenging California's de-facto ban on fracking has been thrown out of court after a Fresno judge ruled last month the filing was misdirected and improperly sought to limit Gov. Gavin Newsom's speech or executive duties.

State Sen. Shannon Grove, R-Bakersfield, announced Tuesday that Senate Bill 1195 passed unanimously through the Senate Military and Veterans Affairs Committee.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy led a chorus of local Republican lawmakers and oil producers Monday in denouncing Democratic oil and gas policies at the federal and state levels, saying the United States would be stronger and the world safer if domestic producers were allowed to drill for more petroleum.

Gov. Gavin Newsom called for a mix of investments Monday to support California's — and specifically Kern's — transition from petroleum to renewable power, including $83 million toward construction of an energy innovation center at Cal State Bakersfield and $215 million to train displaced oil…

As the clock ticks for federal employees and contractors to get fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by Jan. 4 or face weekly testing, Rep. David Valadao sent a letter Monday calling on President Joe Biden to set aside the mandates for economic reasons.