Bakersfield Police have finally arrested the man who fired at a glass door at Bakersfield Heart Hospital on Dec. 1.

Before opening fire at Bakersfield Heart Hospital last month, Brandon Clark went to his mother's home in Bakersfield and fired a single shot at her unoccupied residence, police said Friday in providing the first new details in the case in weeks.

Police also announced that Clark, who has been recovering at a local hospital since being shot by officers in the Dec. 1 incident, has been arrested on multiple charges — including five counts of assault with a firearm — and will be booked into the downtown jail once medically cleared.  

No one was hit in the earlier, residential shooting, police said.

After he fired that shot, Clark got a ride from a person he didn't know to the Heart Hospital, located at 3001 Sillect Ave.

As soon as he arrived, he fired five rounds from a .223-caliber rifle into a glass door, according to police. He then entered the hospital and pointed the gun at several people.

The 44-year-old man then walked back outside, where he was confronted by Bakersfield police. Two officers fired a total of six rounds in his direction, police said; he was injured but police have not disclosed how many times he was hit. No officers, or any others at the hospital, were harmed. 

Clark is believed to have been under the influence of methamphetamine, and apparently went to the hospital to speak with his mother, according to police. Investigators don't believe he intended to harm her. 

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