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In any society, if you have one group of people committing most of the crimes, you begin to treat them differently for your own protection. How many whites committed "knock-out" games in N.Y.? What group of people in Chicago kill each other daily? You can have as many "conversations" about "racial equality" but it is meaningless and a waste of time. Change comes from within yourself. If you are doing wrong, change yourself and join the rest of society. Don't blame everyone else for your choices in life.

Inconvenient Truth

I see that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (a man who has achieved the 'American Dream' and is worth millions) has recently denounced police violence.

Well, now his son, Adam Abdul-Jabbar (also a man who grew up in wealth and privilege) has been arrested and charged with stabbing his neighbor multiple times:


Change starts at home. You need to live the change you want to see.

Masked 2020

you really our a mess


Said the chicken to the hen....

Masked 2020

don't want to leave anybody out.....your a mess 2

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